✏ FP4 List of USB-C to 3.5 Audio jack adapter


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Which adapters work and which don’t? What exactly works (incl. Volume control etc)? Does it include a DAC chip? (Digital to Analogue Converter)

Fully functional adapters

Problematic adapter

Describe problem:

  • Apple “USB-C to headphone Jack”
    Audio tested with a video and mic tested with the voice recording. The buttons on the remote (of a Sennheiser CX 2.00G) seem to work partially though: the single press centre button works, but volume buttons only raise the volume all the way up or all the way down and double pressing the center button to skip a track is not recognised by e.g. Spotify. Please note that this adapter hasn’t worked for every user, as some report hearing a loud hissing/static noise during playback.

  • Baseus Audio converter USB-C to 3.5 mm jack charging and audio - audio does not work, have not tested charging

  • TINICR, https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07WZN9QXM: charging worked, phones did not.

  • Teufel, https://teufel.de/usb-c-auf-kopfhoereranschluss-adapter-106314000:
    does not work with every headset:
    → works perfectly with separate headphone and no-name-microphone without buttons
    → with Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd playing music is fine, wonderful sound, incl volume setting and pause/resume-button - in telephone modus the buttons for volume and hang up are working, I hear my partner, but the microphone is dead.
    (contacted Teufel: they confirm problems with the Soul Byrd and offered me a return.)
    So, for just music or a headset without buttons this adapter is a recommendation, for others not.

  • NIMASO Adaptateur USB C Jack 3,5mm : sturdy looking cable, but noisy hissing sound at low sound level, does not work on my windows 10 PC, no jack detection. I replaced it with an apple adapter, without issues so far.

Adapters not working at all