Best USB-C to Audio Jack Adapter for FP4

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so there is a lot of controversy about Fairphone dropping the 3.5mm audio jack, like here:

As it often gets mentioned, we can just use a USB-C to audio jack adapter. I will need one, because I still use the 3.5mm jack. Among other reasons, a lot of small bluetooth headphones don’t have the battery capacity I require.

I would like to collect some ideas for good adapters. I did not order the “official” adapter along with my FP4, because it beeing out of stock made me unsure: USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter (3.5mm) - Accessory | Fairphone

Are there differences to audio quality with these adapters?

If you are looking for something smilier to that sold by Fairphone then it should be a straight through wired contact and there should be no noticeable difference amongst the plethora you find…

Even with a 1 to 2 adapter it will be just straight wired connections.

The difference will be quality and how long the adapters last etc.

Dont know what is best, but the FP adapter is just not yet in the shop and not out of the shop due to bad quality, if this what made you unsure…

One Option without knowing anything about quality

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