Sound problems when calling

This week, I ordered an FP4 3 times. All devices had a sound problem during calls; noisy, tinny and choppy sound. Both on my side and that of the receiver. And both to mobile and landline numbers.

I read earlier posts about this.

I tried the following things:

Wifi Calling off
Permission Google for microphone off
Network 2G/3G
Network free choice

Is there anything else I can do to improve the sound?

When I play music through speakers there is no problem. When I connect a headphone with a miniusc-jack I hear noise.

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Among the posts you’ve read, did you see this one? I mention it because, while you withdrew the Google app mic permission you don’t say that you deactivated the app itself.

Regarding audio playback through a USB-C DAC adapter, unfortunately results vary considerably. There’s a topic with more info here.

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Thanks for the advice. Going to try this! to be continued…

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You might try with a different mobile provider if this would be an option for you.

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No solution unfortunately. Thanks for the advice.

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This is a problem that has been reproduced by many. Best is to #contactsupport so they might fix it one day.

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