FP3 Touchscreen-Sensitivity


I’m super happy with my new FP3… there is just this one issue:
The screen seems to not be sensitive enough… like, if I touch the screen with just my fingertips (Finger in 90° to display) the touch isn’t recognized.
Right in the morning it’s especially bad… I have to use my whole thumb to get the FP3 to react at all (idk why though… low blood-pressure / low temperature(body or phone) / dry skin /.?.).

Is there a setting I can change the screen sensitivity with?
Any other ideas why this is happening, or for a fix?
(I hope it’s nothing I have to send in my phone for for repair)

thanks a lot & best regards,

PS: This is no temporary behavior… it was there as I took the phone out of the box (w/o sim/SD-card)
Maybe related to Not reacting to "touch" when try to start an app
… but there it’s explicitly the talk of it only happening on the home-screen… while for me it’s independent from the used app and true for tapping as well as scrolling.


Get someone else’s finger to try :slight_smile: .

Or try to test the display with a touchscreen pen … perhaps you have one for a different device, or you could try to test a pen in a store.

If the problem is the same with someone else’s finger or a touchscreen pen, your finger shouldn’t be the culprit.

In any case, you could also contact support already, perhaps they have experience with this already … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us.


It’s the same with me. Not especially on the FP3 but with all touch displays I use. Mostly noticeable in the morning, when it’s cold outside or often during a long day in the arid office climate. In my case it’s very likely dry skin on my hands and fingers, it occurs mainly during the winter period.

Since you asked for a fix - to be honest, my personal workaround is to moisten the tip of the failing finger. I’m serious about it. Find creative ways to do it :wink:


Same problem here. The touch is very very insensitive and I really have to push on the screen to make it work.
Hopefully just a software problem?

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I did notice the screen becomes more insensitive to my touch as my hands get drier and/or colder. I have a high metabolism so I usually have cold hands. It really does seem it’s not all down to the phone itself :stuck_out_tongue:

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good idea, but unfortunately not working

I’m not having issues with my other devices, though… (including my FP2)

Thanks y’all
in the meantime I contacted tech-support… let’s see if this is a known issue / they have an idea…

Hi Geggole,

I have the same issue with the FP3. Did you have some response from the technical support?


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Did anyone have any luck resolving this? I’ve got the same issue with my new FP3. I put a screen protector on straight away so not sure if this affects it.

I am having the same issue. wetting my fingers did not help (and tbh that’s not a solution to the problem).
i am also using a screenprotector BUT i took it off for testing the touch and the problem was still there.
i did mot have any issues like this on my previous phone, so i doubt it’s JUST a thing to do with my fingers…

Rebooting my phone seems to have fixed it now!

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Sadly, rebooting did not change things for me.
the usage with one of those “pens” that have a soft rubber thing to use on smartphones also only works with actually pressing it down, the screen is even less sensitive to that than to my fingers…

I’ve got the same problem, but it only started after I put on the screen cover (with blue light filter). Before that I had no problems at all. It’s getting so annoying that I’m thinking of removing the screen cover and asking for a refund of it.

So I guess there is no setting to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen? I haven’t found any in the settings…

Hi everyone,
If you’re interested, you can download an app to adjust touchscreen sensitivity just search “sensitivity” in the play store. For example:

Never tried, but it’s worth a try :man_shrugging:
Didn’t find any on F-Droid though.

I also have installed the blue light filter and now the touch is sometimes not reacting an any actions. Mainly this occurs at the outer area of the display.
I’v tried some apps to optimize the sensitivity, but without success.


Hi all

I’m also experiencing the same problem with my new FP3+. I’m quite happy with the phone otherwise although it’s definitely not the best phone I ever tried/had but I’m willing to compromise.
I just put on the screen protector with blue filter and it got slightly worse but I also had the problem before. I miss a lot of letters while typing which makes me correct a lot of words and really slows down the process of writing messages or mails… This is my first Fairphone and I had an Iphone SE for quite some time before, typing was really smoother…
I hope this is an issue that can be solved by the Support team. Has anyone contacted them?

If you didn’t yourself, please do. The more people will have an issue, the faster and the easier it may be solved by Fairphone.

Hello everyone, I just want to know the opinion of the Fairphone community on this topic. I personally find the touch sensitivity of the Fairphone 3 quite low and pretty much everyone I hand this phone is confused why it doesn’t react (they usually just lightly touch the screen with their fingers, which it doesn’t recognize as a touch). I have a screen protector that certainly doesn’t help but the Fairphone 3 of my girlfriend (without a screen protector) is similarly insensitive. Because of this I mainly use the phone with my thumbs, which get recognized well because there is a large contact area. This is one of many crucial issues that cause me to not recommend this phone to others…

I also think that the update which fixed the ghost touches might have worsened the issue, the blog post says: “Adjusted the sensitivity of the touchscreen to avoid potential “ghost touches” under certain circumstances” (a. k. a. they lowered the sensitivity)

Hi Peter. My daughter nor I have any issue with the sensitivity.
You can do Service tests via the dial pad.

Dial *#*#66#*#* this brings up the Service menu
> Service tests > Test single > Touchscreen

You can also test the Test single > Display which in my case, with a light touch changes the colour of the screen

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