FP3 Touchscreen-Sensitivity

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I’m super happy with my new FP3… there is just this one issue:
The screen seems to not be sensitive enough… like, if I touch the screen with just my fingertips (Finger in 90° to display) the touch isn’t recognized.
Right in the morning it’s especially bad… I have to use my whole thumb to get the FP3 to react at all (idk why though… low blood-pressure / low temperature(body or phone) / dry skin /.?.).

Is there a setting I can change the screen sensitivity with?
Any other ideas why this is happening, or for a fix?
(I hope it’s nothing I have to send in my phone for for repair)

thanks a lot & best regards,

PS: This is no temporary behavior… it was there as I took the phone out of the box (w/o sim/SD-card)
Maybe related to Not reacting to "touch" when try to start an app
… but there it’s explicitly the talk of it only happening on the home-screen… while for me it’s independent from the used app and true for tapping as well as scrolling.


Get someone else’s finger to try :slight_smile: .

Or try to test the display with a touchscreen pen … perhaps you have one for a different device, or you could try to test a pen in a store.

If the problem is the same with someone else’s finger or a touchscreen pen, your finger shouldn’t be the culprit.

In any case, you could also contact support already, perhaps they have experience with this already … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us.


It’s the same with me. Not especially on the FP3 but with all touch displays I use. Mostly noticeable in the morning, when it’s cold outside or often during a long day in the arid office climate. In my case it’s very likely dry skin on my hands and fingers, it occurs mainly during the winter period.

Since you asked for a fix - to be honest, my personal workaround is to moisten the tip of the failing finger. I’m serious about it. Find creative ways to do it :wink:


Same problem here. The touch is very very insensitive and I really have to push on the screen to make it work.
Hopefully just a software problem?

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I did notice the screen becomes more insensitive to my touch as my hands get drier and/or colder. I have a high metabolism so I usually have cold hands. It really does seem it’s not all down to the phone itself :stuck_out_tongue:

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good idea, but unfortunately not working

I’m not having issues with my other devices, though… (including my FP2)

Thanks y’all
in the meantime I contacted tech-support… let’s see if this is a known issue / they have an idea…

Hi Geggole,

I have the same issue with the FP3. Did you have some response from the technical support?


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