Not reacting to "touch" when try to start an app

An issue I be confronted with sometimes is that the screen of my FP3 is not reacting, if I touch an app. (no touch is recognized).


after I scroll the workspaces a little bit (left or right), “touch” to start apps works again.

Happened a few times now. Always the same behavior.

I think I had that too. It happens very rarely, but I have seen that not just on the “desktop widget” but also within apps. A tap won’t be recognized, but “slide” over the screen first, and then it works.

I think there needs to be a secondary condition though, like, only when the phone just woke up from sleep but did not ask for pin/password (which causes the user to “slide up” - thus providing the necessary slide and they will never notice)

Can you confirm that?

Hi there,
I noticed the same behaviour sometimes. I couldn’t figure out what are the conditions leading to that.
Hopefully this is not linked to a display issue such as the one reported in the following topic and that I also faced once until now: FP3 Display freezes!

concerning the secondary condition:
I only had this issue on the “Desktop” of the phone. This NEVER happens, when I am in an app.
Perhaps it might be that this only happens after waking up the phone (after the display lock is disengaged)?

I absolutly can confirm you description of how you get it to work again.

@theyaman I don’t think (and hope) so.

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This randomly started happening after I downloaded an app from my bank. It happened the moment I tried to open that app and since then, it randomly happens. Maybe a coincidence.

I have observed the same issue on two FP3s.

It seems to me that the top row of apps is more often affected, but this may be a coincidence.

Have noticed same behaviour as @mcdaniels for a while now. I finally noticed a pattern: :sweat_smile:
After every update/installation from Playstore/F-Droid the screen doesn’t react anymore (exept of navigation keys, notification bar and permanent app bar at the buttom)
Screen reacts again after swiping.
Quickstep launcher can’t handle refreshed app list?

Have exactly the same issue.
Looks there is a timeout after waking up the phone with the power button, the tap on an app is not recognized, but after swiping very slightly the screen it becomes responsive again.
No idea when it started doing so, it didn’t do so when the phone was new.

My FP3 does this too. I haven’t noticed a pattern as to when, but I often have to slide side-to-side before I can open an app.

Would love to know if there is a way to stop it from happening.