Low Sensitivity Touchscreen

Hello everyone, I just want to know the opinion of the Fairphone community on this topic. I personally find the touch sensitivity of the Fairphone 3 quite low and pretty much everyone I hand this phone is confused why it doesn’t react (they usually just lightly touch the screen with their fingers, which it doesn’t recognize as a touch). I have a screen protector that certainly doesn’t help but the Fairphone 3 of my girlfriend (without a screen protector) is similarly insensitive. Because of this I mainly use the phone with my thumbs, which get recognized well because there is a large contact area. This is one of many crucial issues that cause me to not recommend this phone to others…

I also think that the update which fixed the ghost touches might have worsened the issue, the blog post says: “Adjusted the sensitivity of the touchscreen to avoid potential “ghost touches” under certain circumstances” (a. k. a. they lowered the sensitivity)

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