Touchscreen not very responsive to touch when on car support

When my Fairfone 3 phone is held vertically in a car support, the touchscreen becomes insensitive (not responding) to the finger’s touch. (The main side button is always responsive. But the touch screen sometime is responsive for a few seconds, and then becomes non-responsive to touch again for a few more seconds).

(This is not a problem making calls, as I can use the car’s bluetooth interface, but is very annoying when attempting to use other phone apps in car, such as maps).

When the phone is lying down (horizontally) on a table, the problem also occurs, but much less frequently.

When the phone is held in hand, the problem almost never occurs. (I have no complaints at all when operating the phone held in hand).

The phone has a protective Case Black, and a screen Protector with Blue Light Filter (both bought here on the site).

I already did the dial *#*#66#*#* Service tests > Test Single > Touch screen, and found no problems (all areas of the thouchscreen are responsive) - but I only did the test held in hand or with the phone lying on a table).

Is this a defect of the phone ? A defect of the screen protector ? Is there any workaround ?

( Seems a similar problem to FP3 Touchscreen-Sensitivity )

You could try to disassemble and reassemble the display module.
You find the how-to on iFixIT.

There are metal contact “springs” that connect to the phone.
Maybe take a look, if any one of them seems to be not really standing out compared to the others. You could try “bending” it up just a tiny bit with a pointy knife or something similar (but really just some flexing rather than really bending!).

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Make sure to report the issue to support, especially if the phone registers phantom inputs. This is a known issue.


It could be caused by electrostatic charge. What happens when you remove the screen protector?

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Hi @jpluis, I experience the same !
I have trouble using my FP3 when I’m not holding it.
It stops responding very quickly or just does not respond at all.
I contacted support for another problem and have not heard back from them.
Maybe we should all contact support so they become more aware of this issue.


Make sure to report the issue to support, especially if the phone registers phantom inputs.

Phantom inputs only happened once so far. (I bough the phone on 2020-09-16).

What happens when you remove the screen protector?

For the time being, I am not removing the screen protector (as I will not be able to glue it back properly, and it was not a cheap screen protector).

You could try to disassemble and reassemble the display module.

For the time being, I will not reassemble the phone, as other users reported that the problem comes back (sometimes more frequently), and I don’t find it fun dealing with tiny pieces (I need the phone).

I will assume so far that is a “minor” defect, and I will bear it for now.

(All my previous 2 android phones had “minor defects” - Samsung Galaxy Nexus from 2010 hard-crashed when encoding video. Had to remove battery to reboot. Motorola Nexus 6 from 2015 had issues with 4G, and camera focus. Had downgrade to 3G to avoid loosing incoming calls. They still work, and lasted 5 years before some significant hardware malfunction forced me to buy a new one.) Compared to these previous phones, this defect is not so bad, although I am a bit sad, that a 3rd generation phone, with mid(low)-range specs still suffers from such a defect.

If the problem gets worse, I will attempt to contact support before the 24 months warranty expires…

Thank you for the feedback. I feel now that I am not alone with this defect.

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Hey jpluis,
I was experiencing the same problems and it seemed like it was all stemming from the blue light filter glass protection. So I have it a go and removed it, and lo and behold, it works perfectly! I filmed the two tests (one with the glass, one without), to prove that it was indeed the glass protection that was causing it, so I can get a refund for it.
Hope this helps,
Have a nice day.


I’m experiencing the same problem when the phone is vertical.