FP3 Touchscreen-Sensitivity

I also have installed the blue light filter and now the touch is sometimes not reacting an any actions. Mainly this occurs at the outer area of the display.
I’v tried some apps to optimize the sensitivity, but without success.


Hi all

I’m also experiencing the same problem with my new FP3+. I’m quite happy with the phone otherwise although it’s definitely not the best phone I ever tried/had but I’m willing to compromise.
I just put on the screen protector with blue filter and it got slightly worse but I also had the problem before. I miss a lot of letters while typing which makes me correct a lot of words and really slows down the process of writing messages or mails… This is my first Fairphone and I had an Iphone SE for quite some time before, typing was really smoother…
I hope this is an issue that can be solved by the Support team. Has anyone contacted them?

If you didn’t yourself, please do. The more people will have an issue, the faster and the easier it may be solved by Fairphone.

Hello everyone, I just want to know the opinion of the Fairphone community on this topic. I personally find the touch sensitivity of the Fairphone 3 quite low and pretty much everyone I hand this phone is confused why it doesn’t react (they usually just lightly touch the screen with their fingers, which it doesn’t recognize as a touch). I have a screen protector that certainly doesn’t help but the Fairphone 3 of my girlfriend (without a screen protector) is similarly insensitive. Because of this I mainly use the phone with my thumbs, which get recognized well because there is a large contact area. This is one of many crucial issues that cause me to not recommend this phone to others…

I also think that the update which fixed the ghost touches might have worsened the issue, the blog post says: “Adjusted the sensitivity of the touchscreen to avoid potential “ghost touches” under certain circumstances” (a. k. a. they lowered the sensitivity)

Hi Peter. My daughter nor I have any issue with the sensitivity.
You can do Service tests via the dial pad.

Dial *#*#66#*#* this brings up the Service menu
> Service tests > Test single > Touchscreen

You can also test the Test single > Display which in my case, with a light touch changes the colour of the screen

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Hi, sometimes…specialy when my FP3 lies on flat surface, i have to do a little more pressure with my index to operate… This doesn’t affect at all my daily use but I can understand your topic.

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Following the advice of @amoun I’ve moved your post here as the topic seems very similar. Hope you’ll find helpful information here.

sorry I didn’t post any updates here.
The reminder-mails where catched by my Spam-Filter and in the same time I kind of adjusted to it, and as described by you, @Peter_Hofinger, changed my behavior to basically just use my thumb.
(And indeed I, as well, did not recommend it, when asked, for exactly this problem)

It’s not the supports fault, btw! They answered to my ticket, I just never got back to them.
Their suggestion was to:

  1. Open the Phone App
  2. Dial *#*#66#*#* in the same way you are entering a phone number to make a phone call. Once the last character is introduced, the Service Menu appears showing you three sub-menus.
  3. Select Service tests > Test Single
  4. Press Touch Screen. Use your finger to draw freely on the screen and check if you can do it in each part of the screen.
  5. Take a screenshot and send it to us.

The thing is… the result of that test, for me, highly depends on which finger I’m using and its angle to the screen…
so I can get a perfect result on this test if I want to, by taking the “full” thumb, or the test doesn’t show a line at all, if I only use the tip of my index finger (angle of 90°) and without extensive pressure, or anything in the middle…

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Well having done the test, and if others have the same result, with capable fingers and your fingers work on other phones then it’s clear the phone is the problem, not your fingers.
In which case, if support hasn’t suggested dismantling and reassembling the screen then, maybe a return is appropriate.

However if there has been up update since your last comms with Fairphone ensure you have the 0084 update and inform them it is still the same if that is the case.

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Hi, same problem here. I have just filled the contact for to return my FP+3. I’m not using any filter on the screen, I’m just touching the FP+3 screen straight away.

Hello Everyone!
Do you use a protective case on your phone? What happens if you remove the case? Is the touch screen still problematic?
I don’t have a protective case on my phone, but I experienced problems with the touch sensitivity when I touch the screen only. For. e.g. I have my phone in the car holder, or it is laying flat on my desk. I need to touch the side or the back of the phone with an other finger or the side of my palm, then the touch sensitivity is perfect.
Regards, Bunya

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Yes I use a Fairphone green case. Never experienced a problem with the screen and as the protective cases sold by Fairphone do not cover the screen, I can’t see why it would be an issue?

The screens are capacitive and pick up the difference in voltage from your finger to the edges of the screen. Dry fingers mean a low capacity to get a voltage reading, wet ones give a variable reading. Ideally the screens would have a user option to change the sensitivity.

I’m wondering about the condition of your fingers, maybe they are very dry etc. I work outside on the land with vegetation, my hands are also often washed before I use the phone, so still a bit damp.

Given the, covid19, issue about hand washing I would have thought many people may have less of a problem with touch screens over this last year and more.

Hi amoun,

For me the behaviour is quite obvious and I can live with it. I’ve read somewhere earlier that it could be a grounding issue with the touch screen to the housing of the phone. When my phone is in my car holder and I’m using maps, touching the screen only, for e.g. pinch-zoom is not working. But I have learned to get around it by letting my hand touch the housing of the phone, then the issue is not present. When I place my phone on my ikea wooden phone holder scrolling is cloggy as well, but i’ve learned to touch the side or the back of the phone with my pinky finger, then it works great. I just thought to give some idea for others (and Fairphone staff) here.


I didn’t remember, but now I found it, I have read about similar issues with iphones:

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@bunya you’re right…
I never recognized this before, but yes:
The issue is very much worse if the phone isn’t touched otherwise than the finger used for touching.
(yes, I have a case and screen protection - the issue was there on the first day without both already, though)

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In my case, just to say that the touchscreen sensitivity problem comes up when the phone is in vertical position. I found another thread about that:

When you say vertical do you mean you are still holding it or it is propped against another item or in a car phone holder etc.

Do you use a case and what make is it? I use a Fairphone case and I have no issues.

Have you tried the default test in both situations, vertical and otherwise?
Using the call keypad dial *#*#66#*#* > Service test > Test single > Touch Screen


Just holding it at bed or using the car support.

I’m not using any case, just the phone itself.

I didn’t try that test, but I don’t really need to do it, I have is an issue with the touchscreen.

I have this problem too. The sensitivity is really bad when the FP3 lays in horizontal position (like on a table). To zoom is nearly impossible, to scroll and to touch do hardly work. Is there any known solution to it?

You may want to contact support@fairphone.com as this is not a common problem. My daughter’s and my phone are fine.

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