FP3: my order just got delayed by one month! from mid Sep. to mid Oct. to early Nov

As addition to what @TobiasF has written:
The first ones seem to have shipped by a French reseller on Sep-10.

But just for resellers, not for the directly delivered by Fairphone. I ordered mine on August 27th (the day it was announced) and it was supossed to be delievered at mid-september, but we received a mail announcing us that the order was delayed until mid-october (more info in this thread).

Some people bought the phone in a reseller and they’re already enjoying their phone (you can read about it in this thread or even watch some photos taken with the FP3 here) :slight_smile:


If Fairphone gave you a delivery time of mid-October, then this is still in effect for your order, until Fairphone tells you otherwise via e-mail.

If you would buy right now from Fairphone directly, the shop page says they would ship mid-November apparently.

And as was pointed out here already, resellers have the phone in stock already, and a growing number of resellers at that.

Edit: Here’s a list …


oh wow. just googled it and I could have bought it just in another online store for the same price and with “better” shipping conditions? fairphone changed it’s reseller conditions I take it. [OT]

It actually did so in the past, too. In 2017, Fairphone was out of stock (either the factory or a supplier did not deliver on promised volumes) for seven months or so while a few resellers still had stock. I guess it’s the “price” Fairphone needs to pay for the significantly wider visibility on the market that resellers provide.

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I don’t think, that they have changed their conditions.
Resellers do sell lots of other stuff as well. Therefore they have their own policy on costs for shipping and handling. While there are stores that deliver for free, when you shopping cart reeaches certain value, others charge by weight and still others have a fixed shipping costs. To them it’s a mixed calculation based on their whole business. And then the stores do regularly charge differend shipping costs depending of the country of delivery.

Fairphone does sell their stuff only and they deliver all over Europe at the same price.
If you check the countries, there are a lot, where there is no reseller; so you only have the option to buy from Fairphone or one of the resellers in another country that is shipping to your country.

Insofar I would guess, that Fairphone is charging their own costs for shipping and handling; and the - fairly - make it the same price for everyone, no matter if they ship inside the Netherlands or to Greece or Finland.

Reseller memolife interestingly was counting down the delivery time day by day when I checked a few times … until today, when they went from “1 - 3 work days” to “max. 3 weeks”.

You can order again from Vireo, delivery time 5 - 7 work days.

Still available online (not in stores).

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I also had the “Rhenus prepare shipment” status for weeks, but it changed back to “Processing” now.
Payment confirmation received on 30. Aug and no delay email so far. But I still do not believe in the early Oct shipping date in my order confirmation.
Better be patient :slight_smile:

My order still shows “Rhenus …”, but I ordered August 27th, so maybe your order was moved to the next batch or the batch is not as large as anticipated? Might be something with Rhenus as well?
Better prepare for no sooner than mid October, like all the others, who received the delay-mail. :wink:

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I ordered on August 29th and my account says: Rhenus prepare shipment.

I ordered in the first 30min or so and also still got the Rehnus status.

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Ordered mine on 03/09, I have Rhenus prepare status as well

Vireo shop says that their first batch was smaller than expected. They seem to deliver to mid-September pre-orders by now :slight_smile:

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I ordered my FP3 with mobilcom debitel 2 weeks ago.
Because they said it would be instantly deliverable, I called their support after about a week, since then they say “call back in 2 days, we should have it by then”.

Is someone waiting for their order as well or has an idea how long it could take?
I just sold my old phone so it would become problematic if they continue this wait…

I moved your post here.
As you can read here, people who ordered from Fairphone directly on day 1 had delivery delayed to mid October.
Resellers are different, but at least some resellers had delays, too.

If you’re desperate, try to confirm with resellers whether they really have it in stock, then order there and cancel your order with mobilcom.

Here’s a list …


I also orderd from mobilcom debitel on monday. However the status of shipment has not changed since then. it still says “preparing to ship”. Please write here if your status changes or if you call them again

I ordered mine on the Fairphone website just a few minutes after it was announced.
And still have the Rhenus preparing shipment status.
My fairphone2 is dying (bottom module is again not working). So I’d love to have an update - is this a matter of a few days or weeks?
And if the latter, is there a chance we can cancel orders? I need a working phone, I can’t spend another couple of weeks with a dysfunctional one waiting for my order to be shipped…


They send me the tracking number today, they actually sent it wednesday, and it’s arriving today :slight_smile:

Though, I ordered it two weeks ago, so yours might be different.
I got told on the phone around 78 other people are waiting for their order of a Fairphone 3 on mobilcom.

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You might be interested in this bottom module as it also increases the resale value of your FP2 (from non-working bottom module to working one)


You could write customer support that you want to cancel your order - and then order with debitel instead. This shouldn’t be a problem as you can also return the phone 14 days after delivery.

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