FP3: my order just got delayed by one month! from mid Sep. to mid Oct. to early Nov

My FP2 finally broke down today and now I get an email, that my order (which must have been one of the first - within half an hour of the fairphone shop being opened on 27th of August) is being delayed BY A MONTH… :frowning: :tired_face: Really gutted now… Anyone else with such a massive delay?

EDIT: Is there a list of resellers I can check? Maybe some of them have the FP3 in stock and then I can cancel my webshop order?


As usual: Take it easy! Fairphone without delays wouldn’t be Fairphone anymore, right? :joy:

I’m also eagerly waiting for my FP3.

There are some resellers out there, like i.e. memolife, but it seems like they also updated their delivery dates.


Same here! I ordered later in the afternoon (normally shipping late-Sept.).
Wouldn’t say I’m gutted, but I was hoping to have it sooner as well. :slight_smile:


That affects all buyers.
My order is from 12:12 hours and I got the same mail.
Possibly even resellers are affected.
memolife.de for example in the beginning had as shipping date 04.09.
This changed to 09.09. a few days later and is now at maximum 3 weeks.

vireo.de still says they will be shipping from 12.09. (a statement from 30.08.).

I really would like to hear, if someone having ordered with a reseller gets the phone mid September or even sooner.

Edit 2:
The fairphone shop still says “shipping late October” if ordering now.
Shouldn’t those orders be delayed as well? :thinking:
Btw. my phone should be shipped mid September.
Might be, delivery is delayed, but when it comes, it’s all the phones n one shipping. :wink:

Edit 3:
Just added the direct link to the phone in the shops.
Just in case the delay will affect new orders as well, maybe the shipping estimate on the homepage should be updated or is Fairphone going to send out a delay mail later on. :wink:

Same, and I got the e-mail in French. A language I don’t speak :smiley: honestly, that made laugh that I don’t even care. I kinda expected it to delay anyway.


Yep, just had the same email - delivery slipped from mid September to mid October due to “high demand and challenges in the supply chain”.

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There was a list for the FP2, but there is no new one for the FP3 already.
You still might wish to check the list.

In Germany memolife and vireo offer the phone (see my post above).
Mobilcom-Debitel is selling it as well, but they simply state “available soon*” (the asterisk meaning “shipping when delivered by manufacturer, delays can occur

My email was in German - Chrome translated it for me :sunglasses:
There’s a link in the footer (handily in English) that takes you to a preferences page where you can change to your preferred language (near the bottom of the preferences).

English mail here.
Makes one wonder, on what the language setting is decided.

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I wouldn’t have mind German. I really doubt I set that to French.

Also I found on the bottom of the e-mail (in English):

Copyright © 2019 Fairphone, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this message as a notification of your Fairphone 2 New Life Edition’s order status.

Fairphone 2 New Life Edition?

I did update my preferences. My country was set to USA (???). I also noticed I had batchID 1 which is :100:% :cool:

I would if my FP2 did not break down this morning… it was on the brink of failure for several months now… :weary:


I also got this email (in German though… So cant be sure what it said exactly.) The thing is, the order number in the email is not the same as the one in the “My orders” page one the website! Anyone else noticed this?


You are right. Same here. I did not notice until now.

Same for me! I received the mail in German (I had configurated communications from Fairphone in Spanish, so this is weird), and the order number doesn’t match with my order number from the previous mail. I was also one of the first buyers.

I can confirm the different number.
It’s just the last digit being a “0” instead of a “6”; therefore it slipped my attention.

Is it the same for the others as well; just a tiny difference regarding the number?
Maybe that’s a symptom of the “challenges in the supply chain:grin:


in my case it is off by the last two digits. So off by 14 phones :joy:

In my case, it is off by 100097145 phones then…


@rainer_zufall If you cannot find a “gap phone” to help out until delivery, why don’t you just ask here in the forum if anyone in your region has a spare phone to lend?


So, what’s the matter with it?


Thanks Urs. That is a good idea! I have already asked my friends if they have a spare phone lying around. If nobody has one I will get in contact with the helpful Austrian Fairphoners. I probably need to do this anyway to try to salvage data…

The phone already had all sorts of issues. Mostly module connectivity issues were plaguing me at the moment (all other things, like reboots, freezes, not recognized camera, etc I got used to). So often I needed to apply a bit of pressure from the outside to get the phone going again. When I was on a call this morning, the other person could not hear me anymore, I ended the call and tried to message her. Then the phone just went black. It does not charge anymore (LED was working until now) nor can I boot the phone normally. It just does not react. I have disassembled it and put everything together… to no avail. But long story short - I have no clue. :man_shrugging: But my willingness to find is also at an alltime low, that is why the one month delay struck so hard.