FP3: my order just got delayed by one month! from mid Sep. to mid Oct. to early Nov

We should have a FP1 or even a FP2 as a gap phone. CC @paulakreuzer


Sorry to hear, this sounds more complicated. If it would have been just a broken screen I could have send you one from my spare part box until the arrival of the FP3.

Getting in contact with the Austrian Fairphoners is a good idea - I guess you are in good hands there. :grin:


I’m just not in Austria atm…

Btw, is anyone answering the angel requests in the meantime?

Hmm, I can log in and see the FP3 order i placed, I can also see on my bank acc that I have payed for the phone. But when I log into Fairphone order page it still says “processing” and i have not godt the mail you guys are talking about. And I have no confirmation email or any thing.

I have checked the email I used for the order, and it is correct"!?

EDIT You place and pay for a pre-order of a Fairphone 3. Remember, if you need a USB-C charger and/or a headset, you have to add those too as they do not come default with the Fairphone 3. Make sure the shipping address, items, the VAT number and VAT charge are correct before you pay. Once we have successfully received your payment, your pre-order is active and the order status is Processing . This stays this way until a batch of Fairphone 3’s arrives at our distribution center and we can assign an FP3 to your order.

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Got the mail, too.
Wrong language, order number totally different.

Just the other day there was this problem with a mismatching shipping date already.

I’m slightly worried … Until now, these are glitches in e-mails of the shop system, but how can the system mix up languages and order numbers?
I hope we will not see any mix-ups in real shipments.

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Delayed with one month as wel here (Belgium)…
Sad, I especially ordered immediately. Like, 4 hiurs after the release, to have it asap…

Fortunately this time at least the phones are all the same color (maybe some accessories might be missing or unexpected extras :grin: )

And I ordered 12 minutes after release and got the same delay. See, that’s unfair.
Sorry, just kidding of course; my bad joke for the day.


For all we know so far it could all just be a glitch with the emails and no actual delay.

I sent a message to support. Let’s see what they say.

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Yeah, sorry I didn’t think.

I’m not subscribed to the Vienna Angels anymore. Cc @z3ntu @Stanzi @werner_noebauer @Martin

I have got a “gap-phone”. :slight_smile: Thanks all for being so kind and helpful! Just makes me realize once again why I like the Fairphone community so much! :blush:


I just got a new e-mail with the correct language and the correct order number.
The delay is real :frowning: .

Edit: Got a confirmation from support now (1 business day later), too.


Same here!
I first was anxiuos to open the mail, as I feared for a further delay; but it seems, they just followed this forum (or were flooded by support requests :wink: )


Me too :disappointed:

jep, same delay here.

Hype wait. We’re in this together! :heart: :three:

I didn’t receive a new mail. But I set my language to Dutch, some obscure language.

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I got no E-Mail… I ordered on the first day, but at about 7.p.m. and payed via PayPal, so I got instant payment confirmation. So far, no notice oft any delay. Strange…

Same here. I ordered on the second day and got no notice of any delay, but also have no indication in my initial order of a date of delivery. I suppose that quite quickly they decide not to provide such dates to avoid having to send out loads of emails for delays…
I hope the delays are manageable, my FP2 doesn’t allow me to make proper phone calls anymore and I’d rather not have to order spare parts at this stage! :anguished:

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Looks like end of September, as Vireo.de announced today:

Liebe KundInnen, es gab kleine Verzögerungen, das neue Modell kann nun ab dem 19.09. aus unserem Lager versendet werden. >


Still sooner than from FP direct. :wink:

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