Does the FP3 launch impact shipping of FP2 spare parts & accessories?

Yesterday I ordered a new FP2 case. The payment confirmation email says that it will be shipped “the next weekday” (= today). However, the order confirmation email says “shipping in early October”!? I sincerely hope this is a glitch.

Has someone recently ordered spare parts or accessories and got a similar email?

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I hope for you, that it truly is a fault in the software.
Still I would not rule it out, that the massive orders of the FP3 might influence the “shop performance” in general.
But early-October would of course be ridicoulous.

Fairphone has an external distribution centre who must be able to cope with the additional demand. As far as I know the delivery time of FP3’s is mostly caused by production capacity: the demand exceeded expectations and production in Chinese factories sometimes needs to be booked months ahead. It should as such not affect FP2 parts that are already in the distribution centre in the Netherlands.

I think you got an automated e-mail that was not specifically for you.

Yes. Ordered Tuesday evening, battery and bottom module for my FP2 arrived today.


Is it true that an order for a screen for FP2 not will be shipped until mid-October? Or how should I interpret the order information?

" Order number FP[number]

Shipping mid-October

Billing information"

Thanks in advance.

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As this is a community forum and not the company, we can’t say until you or somebody else gets a display module and reports back here.

Could be the given info is correct, could be it’s a glitch in the shop software inserting the current delivery date estimate for newly ordered Fairphone 3s into order confirmations regarding Fairphone 2 parts.

I would recommend to #contactsupport about this.

I received the case yesterday, so it’s obviously a glitch in the shop system. The current FP3 delivery date seems to be stated in all order confirmations, even if no FP3 was ordered. Oh well.