FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update

Maybe a factory reset before a fresh installation ? It could be enough to solve most of the issues and it is easier than a fresh installation.


Hello All,

I have all the problems listed in the post opening this thread (on FP 3). Additionally, once in a while I get a splash dialogue box saying something like “application system not responding” or “user UI not responding”. I can either close them or wait, if I wait they keep popping up, so it is not an option. If I close, I have to wait tens of seconds for the system to be operative again.
And all this for useless new functionalities, such as binding internal phone “search” with search of the internet, what only takes more time. It is just ridiculous. The mission of Fairphone was to be sustainable but they pushed an update braking our phones, just as the evil ones wanting us to buy new products.
Using this phone is now pain in the ass, it is so slow, heats up, etc, you all know it. When I want to take sb’s phone number, they get bored and annoyed waiting until my phone becomes responsive, so I could start typing. Insane! I waited around one month after the update, simply hoping Fairphone would react to it. Nothing happened. For info: I cleared cache have 10GB free.

Did anyone of you contact the support and knows if they are working on it? In my view they should be doing it, if preparing a fix is too hard, then at least they should provide a document “how to recover from that 13 disaster” instructing us how to survive this mess. Thanks for your responses in advance.


Did you try a factory reset after backing up your data ?

This upgrade works very well for many people if I put apart the fingerprint reader.

No, not yet, it seemed to me like last resort, so I preferred to wait for a fix.
You are saying:

  1. backup (btw, what is the best to do it, is there some native Androind tool?)
  2. factory reset
  3. upgrading to Androind 13
  4. installing all apps on the new system
  5. restoring my data from backup

Is that it?

I think Fairphone is taking the blame for Google’s failure to deliver a quality Android update.


I recently stumbled upon the following links. Some of the issues described there are very similar to what we have repeatedly complained in this thread.

  1. Why is Android 13 so Awful? - Google Pixel Community
  2. Google Pixel 6 pro : issues after android 13 update and feature's not working in June update - Google Pixel Community

No matter how media have whitewashed it, Android 13 is broken.


One way to backup your data is described on the page https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/8951206995601-Back-up-Restore. You can find other ways in Easiest way to backup FP4.

The process is :

  1. backup
  2. Factory reset
  3. Restore from backup

There is no need to reinstall Android 13 (if you have it).

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My partner and I have found our FP3 phones have slowed down since the update (mine only a bit). In particular, my partner’s phone has become frustratingly slow and the screen is now quite unresponsive. Does anyone have any ideas on that?

(Sorry, I couldn’t read the whole thread to see if the screen issue was mentioned. Any tips for improving the speed and screen would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.)

You can ty a factory reset after backing up your data.


“you all know it”: No, I don’t (FP3). Neither does my sister (FP3+). Go figure.

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I did a factory reset with backup up before and restore after. FP3 works very well and fast now.


I had the same problem on my 3. My 3+ did not have the problem.
Try to remove the phone from your router and the router from the phone. Then reestablish the WIFI connection.
Worked for me.

I have a small update about the missing dial tone for outgoing calls mentioned here. Until recently, we believed that this would be resolved with a software update in early October. This was also communicated by our support agents.

Unfortunately, the issue has reappeared in our most recent tests. Our Software team will go back to the drawing board and do their best to fix it by the next update. In the meantime, the workaround (disabling VoLTE/4G calling) continues to work well.

Thanks for your support and active participation in this topic.


I experience 3 issues after Android 13 update:

Roaming: I live on the border with Slovenia, and roaming just stopped working. No data network, phone network connection working. Data is only reconnected if I go back to Italy, though I need to restart the phone.
I didn’t care that much until I traveled to Belgium: a week offline, except for the occasional wi-fi! A nighmare.
Yesterday I tried moving my SIM to another phone, and went to Slovenia, and it worked! So I know the problem is my loved Fairphone3, or a combination of that with my operator.

Fingerprint: some apps seem unable to read my fingerprint. This is particularly problematic for my home banking. Last time I was abroad I was totally unable to access home-banking not only because of the internet access (see above), but because a 2-steps recognition system demands fingerpint OR a code sent via text message. But I did NOT receive text messages from Italy abroad, because of my operator.

Blank screen: sometimes the screen becomes totally dark, the phone seems not to work anymore. I have to force restart and then I am placed back where I was (same windows open a.s.o.) as if I hadn’t rebooted. Might be a screen issue, it does not happen regularly, and I had receive some Graphic UI notices months ago that I never solved.

I am considering what to do next, moving out of fairphone is one of the options

Unfortunately this is a known problem with the A13 update, due to a change in Android security rules. Please see posts above in this thread, and please read here

and see here for a wiki-list of apps that are affected or that aren’t (maybe you will be able to contribute):

For your roaming problems I would recommend getting in touch with both Fairphone official support (click > contactsupport for more info) and also contact your mobile network operator, even if the SIM works for roaming in a different phone. This is complex territory and both “sides” need to know about the problem.

For the blank screen, some users have found that this stops happening when they disable automatic screen rotation (go to Settings > Display > Auto rotate screen).
See this and following posts:


I have updated my phone today and the SIM issue is solved (but SD one is still there).
I did not have yet test my other issues but it seems that some of them are covered by the update.

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Fixed with 6.A.022.1 !

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hello, I have a fairphone 3 and since the Android 13 update I have problems with the hotspot by USB (it worked very well before and now it no longer works or very rarely) and via wifi only if I restart my phone each time. … Someone would have any idea ?

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Thanks for the news @shaakunthala , I was still with the “no WPA” mode on, just to speed up the manual reconnection but now I have tried WPA2 and I confirm, devices reconnect to the Fairphone hotspot without typing the password again. Now I hope the will fix a similar issue with the bluetooth connection, everytime I get in my car I have to reboot the phone in order to connect it to the hand free system.

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Did some tests, the Wifi hotspot connection with modern devices (5Ghz) is now ok, but old devices (2,4 GHZ) still can’t reconnect, they consider the phone as a new device every time… let’s hope for the next update.

Could it be because of the “Randomize MAC” setting which is by default “On” in newer Android versions?