FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

If you don’t have reboots in safe mode than it’s pretty clear that an app causes the reboots.
And since removing your anti virus program changed something (even if it was for the worse - maybe the program left some stuff behind or changed some settings) I’d suspect that one.
I’d try a #dic:hardreset (will completely remove all data, so make a #backup of everything that is important) to completely get rid of all things affected by 3rd party software and then only reinstall the apps that you really need - and I don’t think an anti-virus program is one of them. Many experts say that anti virus programs only add additional security risks.

Also check out the #rebootsguide to look into other possible causes.

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Thanks. I had tried Save Mode for some time, but not long enough to be sure that random reboots did not occur. I really need my phone now, so I will try the Save Mode again when I feel myself save enough. And first make a backup of course.
Whatsapp is one of the most needed apps in my situation now.


just received a replacement phone because (partially) due to random reboots… and again the same issue. It has rebooted 8 times today. Quite annoying after all the hassle of getting a replacement phone.

Maybe it’s that I’m unlucky with my particular handset but it’s rubbish!!

Battery only lasts half a day, and constantly rebooting itself…thought long and hard about spending this much money on this phone and am now left feeling really disappointed… Has anyone else had these issues?

Since I have removed AVS (Anti Virus) from my phone, it’s much, much more stable. Not as stable as my previous cheap Chinese phone - once in 2 days it still reboots unexpectedly - but so much more reliable that I decided not to bother anymore. But not forever. Because I expect my FP2 to be as stable as my old phones.

I’ve been suffering random reboots since I received my FP2, first I was patient (sustainable means less exigency?). My reboots usually occur when I jumped into my car and my FP2 connected to the Bluetooth, when I used apps like GMaps or Waze, while navigating and when watching GIF (that means many times a day). I contacted the support team and they invited me trying with a new SIM card. I bought a new one (12€) but random reboots continued. So I decided to contact the support team again and they told me to send back my phone. Now I’m waiting for their answer.

I’ve forgotten to explain that every time my FP2 restarted I loosed my twitter, facebook and other app credentials… (using the official apps)

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Quoting myself to explain that a few days ago I receivef my replacement Fairphone. At the beginning everything worked fine but last week I suffered my first random restart. Since I’ve been installing apps step by step, I uninstalled the last app and it seemed to work properly again. Yesterday I installed the Twitter official app and today it has begin to random restart several times (almost 5 in an hour). I’m really annoyed. I’ve made a request to the customer support service and I’m waiting for and answer. I hope that, this time, they can offer a solution beyond having to replace another time the telephone.

I just got my FP2 and whenever I use a heavy app or try to download or load something, it just shuts down and restarts. It also happens on other random moments and is really annoying. How do I fix this?

See #rebootsguide

Hi guys,

I have the same problem with my FP2.
Something strange it’s that sometimes my phone reboots “softfly”, without vibration. In this case, I don’t need to re-enter my PIN code for unlocking SIM card.
Nevertheless, most of time it reboots hardly.

Hope there is a solution somewhere…

I’m completely new to this community, I got my FP2 3 weeks ago.
After everything went fine for the first days, dissapointment struck when I tried my first navigation runs. The apps (Google Maps and Here) interrupted and the phone did half and full reboots every 5 minutes.

After reading this thread and the rebootsguide I set off to try one by one whatever was suggested - and luckily for me the very first thing was a full success:

I deactivated G4 functionality and now I can use any navigation app and the phone is completely staple. No interrupts, no reboots!


Could reproduce this rebooting misbehavior easily with a CPU burn test:
Fairphone 2 with FP Open, latest version, rooted and Xposed.
When set to 4G and running a CPU burn software (CPUBurn) at 99% stress, 4 threads, peak core temperatures (about 90 Celsius), I get consistent reboots about every 30 minutes.
When set to 3G and running the same stress routine, with exactly the same peak temperatures, I don’t get reboots.


In reality reboots still happen in 3G, although much less frequently than in 4G in my case. Yesterday night for example it happened when I tried to turn on the hotspot function at the end of a recharge cycle. Reboots are clearly related to elevated temperatures in the region around the radio chip. This is why it happens more commonly at the end of a battery recharge cycle or when using data or CPU intensively.
I’ll try to deactivate and reactivate radio when I feel that temperatures rise due to Internet use, I wonder if something in the radio system gets stuck in a loop causing overheating. Hope it’s a software and not a hardware design problem, since this is a wonderful phone otherwise.
To be fair, my previous phone, an HTC One X, used to have frequent reboots until they sorted out the bugs, it took them more than a year to stabilize the system, and it would still reboot sometimes when overheated or under cpu stress. But the Fairphone at this point is less reliable than the HTC was with their last system update.

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Kudos to @Chris_R for sharing this important information! :+1:


Considering my own experience we may narrow it to the new display module.
I never had any issue but my FP2 (running Open OS) is now randomly rebboting since I’ve recently change my broken screen…

Just installed the new release today, we’ll see. :slight_smile:

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Hey all, I wanted to share some information with you that we got this week.

As you might have noticed, some owners of newer Fairphone 2 phones are experiencing stability issues (i.e. The phone sometimes reboots on its own.) In most cases this issue causes the phone to reboot once per day (often while not in active use). A smaller number of phones are experiencing a higher rate of reboots. This issue affects mostly Fairphone 2’s sold after August 2017.

We expect to deliver an extra software update improving phone stability within two weeks (by 20 February 2018 latest). Owners of all Fairphone 2’s will receive an alert prompting them to install this update - following the same process as our routine monthly software updates.

This update has been successfully tested on our pool of impacted test phones, and eliminated the stability problems associated with this issue. It is also being validated with end user testing.

The cause of the issue is an updated memory package. Engineers at Fairphone, Qualcomm and our manufacturer have been working to resolve it. The update developed by our software team adjusts the memory interface parameters to solve this stability problem. After rolling out this update we will continue to monitor and fine-tune performance with future updates as needed, but we expect this update to resolve the current issue.

Advice to impacted phone owners:
We suggest that Fairphone 2 owners who might be affected by this problem wait a little longer and install the software updates when prompted.

So far, Fairphone has been replacing any phone identified as affected by this issue, at the phone owner’s request. We will continue to do so at the request of owners of new Fairphone 2 phones. However, we now recommend customers wait for the software update rather than shipping us their phones for exchange. The software update will very likely be faster and more convenient.

Thanks to you and the people affected for your patience throughout the troubleshooting process, and our apologies for the difficulties this issue has caused.


Thanks @Douwe for your statement. It is incredible that it took almost half a year long for Fairphone to recognize the glitch. :no_mouth:

Will the update resolve reboot issues that are caused by modem crashes, too?


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You are welcome. Please be aware that we did recognize the ‘glitch’ pretty fast. But that is the easy part. Finding the cause, creating a solution and testing if it works are the tasks that consume most time.

And no, this patch is unrelated to the modem. As stated in the bugtracker by @anon12454812, that bug is accepted and currently under investigation.