Reboot and battery drain

My phone reboot without any apparent reason and each time the level of charge change randomly. Most of the time it pass from >60% to 15% and then goes to 0 in few minutes. When I charge it the level goes up (incredibly) fast and then just randomly goes down again, specially if not fully charged.
Really disappointed

I had some random reboots in the past. Happens maybe every 2-4 months for me. Regarding the display of the charging levels, that could be due to the age of the battery. How old are your phone and battery?

Addition: Maybe the #batteryguide I just found could be helpful for you as well.

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For the random reboots please check out the #rebootsguide.

In the #batteryguide there is a description for a so called “battery reset” which can solve apparent drastic drops of the battery level if they are not indeed caused by the battery starting to fail.

Thanks for your reply! In my case it happens quite often, normally at least once a week with bad days where it happens 2-3 times per day. The phone is almost two years old and since I do not ave any other mean to measure the level of the battery it could be a problem in displaying it. For sure I noticed a reduced (and expected) working time of the battery. According to my personal experience with previous phones it is quite harsh in this case. Still I cannot understand these reboots and fluctuations, whih I would rather attribute to the software (no accident happened to the phone so far).
I will have a look to the #batteryguide and the #rebootsguide as you suggested.
Still not happy about spending my time trying to divine and fix my phone problem

Seen this?

Unfortunately this fix will not help with reboot issues experienced with older phones.

I had some hopes along that line as well ( :wink: ), as there are days, when my FP2 seems to have a life of it’s own, rebooting again and again with minutes only inbetween.
But as it does not happen on a regular basis, I just roll my eyes in such moments and don’t bother.

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