Special Update post-18.02.0

Hi !

I’m writing to ask about a “Special Update” that my Updater is asking me to install (see screenshot). I’m currently on 18.02.0. I see no mention of it here on the forum, so I’m hesitant to install.

Screenshot of Updater

Thanks in advance!



I was just in the writing of the same topic. Glad I checked again first. :smiley:
I’m seeing the same message and couldn’t find any official statement about this, can anyone shed some light on this update?

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This is the random reboots fix Douwe mentioned here:


Hi, thanks for the info. I thought that was already incorporated into the February update. But looking at the dates (6th of february for 18.02 and 8th of february for douwes post) that makes sense. I do remember installing the update after reading that post, though. Is there some source about the current state of Fairphone Open OS?

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Here are the release notes for the special update:


Thanks for the lightning fast responses! I installed it, it went very fast. No issues to report :slight_smile:

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Oh, thanks, that’s what I was looking for. :slight_smile:

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I installed the special update.
now my battery drains verry quickly. (like 1% per second!)

Smooth intallation, working fine here.

If your battery is still draining so much, then I would advise you to apply the update again.
See the app Updater if it is still possible to apply the update.

A higher drain immediately after an update can be normal in my experience.


It somehow looks like if the update also kills the reboots with a extension PCB attached !! :smiley:

@paulakreuzer could you also check this ? That would be cool!!

EDIT: reboots still there …

EDIT2: no reboot since 19:00 (Tuesday), logcat running :sunglasses:

EDIT3: Still working !!


Update was not available anymore.
I guess Ben was right. after recharge battery consumption is back to normal.

The special update was to adjust memory interface parameters for the updated memory package in phones produced in or after Q3 2017.
If you have a phone produced in or after Q3 2017 and missed the special update or something went wrong, don’t worry as this special update will be included in the update coming in March.


The update is still available and will remain available.
You have to be on 18.02 to see it. So in order to update, you’ll have to update… makes sense? :wink:

If you do not see the update, make sure you are connected to a working internet connection (preferably wifi) and reboot the Fairphone 2.

To make sure you have the update installed, you can check the baseband version in Settings > About phone
If the baseband is 4437.1-FP2-0-08, the fix has been installed


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It shows that there’s an update for me, but the version number is lower than what I’ve got installed? Should I still install it?

This is good news! Holding my thumbs, toes, and all the lucky body parts for random reboots going away now.:slight_smile:

Some feedback for this release though:

  • Only calling it “Special update” in the updater looks impressively suspicious! I had to go here and look it up before touching anything else. And related,
  • A new update should have a new version number increment. Having different sets of software with the same version number is a great way to create support headaches. Somewhat redeemed by the “Baseband version” but I would’ve preferred the version number people sees and knows got incremented when you did an update. Even if it’s just or 18.2.0b (easiest would’ve been 18.2.1 ofc).

Don’t let this feedback cloud the main point here though: Great work!:))


Before update, i used only 3g, because that would stop the rebooting.
Since update i’ve had my phone constant on 4g. No more reboots.! :slight_smile:


After a couple of hours after updating my new Fairphone 2 to the 18.02. special update my screen stayed black.

Manually installing the binary image “Fairphone OS 18.02.0 (Android 6.0) (~650MB)” using the computer solved the problem for me.

Now the update app on the Fairphone wants me to update to the special update again. But could the dead screen be some problem with the driver of the new Fairphone screens, that comes with the 18.02. special update? Did somebody else experience anything like that?

However thank you so much for your steady work Fairphone!! :slight_smile: :balloon: