Fingerprint sensor not 'always on'?

Hello everyone,

I got my new Fairphone 4 (6/128) some days ago and so far I’m pretty happy.

What really annoys me, though, is that the fingerprint reader seems to be not ‘always on’ in standby mode (at least I couldn’t find an option in the settings to activate that).
Because there is also no double tap to wake, I have to press the power button every time when I need to wake up the device. It would be so much more convenient just to touch the button/sensor instead of pressing it.
Furthermore, the button is integrated quite deeply into the frame, which makes it even more difficult to press.

I hope Fairphone will soon release an update which activates the ‘always on’ functionality of the fingerprint sensor. Technically it should be possible, I guess.

I’d be interested to know what you guys think about it. Did I miss some setting?


At first the fingerprint reader annoyed the hell out of me. After a few days I got used to it. Now I think I am nearly as fast as with any other phone. Would prefer to have it “always on” nevertheless (at least optionally).


Please, contact support using or

This is just a community forum. You are definitely not the only one who would welcome this feature. Folks at Fairphone need to hear this but the correct way to do it is to open a ticket.


Thank you for the suggestion. Sure I will contact support. Hope they will consider this for a future update!

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I hope not
For me it is as best as it is.

If changing, then configurable.

Seems there is some improvement coming with the current update


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