FP4, security update, december 5 2021, called FP3Q.A.094 though

just appeared via manual check for updates

FP4, security update, december 5 2021, called FP3Q.A.094 though

security patch level, 5th of december, 2021.


p.s. nonrooted, original vanilla FP4 phone situation here, updated coming from factory default state situation, november 5th 2021 before. successfully rebooted back into december firmware. system looks normal.


Released today. Just a security fix Patchlevel. 5th of December

Got it too, will download it.

Edit: done, went fine :slight_smile:

Edit2: No SIM card inserted, non-rooted.

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Nothing yet. Anyone rooted updated ? Wonder how it will affect device. Obviously root might be loss, but eventual bootloop risk ?

did it. no problems. run smotth.
no abnormalities and no visible changes


Did you have to re-root the device or was root persistent ?

Does Fairphone normally list specific fixes in their changelog when receiving updates? Just asking, then I know that I don’t have to check things with every update :slight_smile:

At least the Play system update is still stuck in February 2021. So maybe the next update fixes that.

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No update for me yet (non-rooted, bought at Fairphone, provider: German Telekom)

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For me neither (non-rooted, from Fairphone, AldiTalk)

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bought at FP
vodafone germany

And yes, changlog is visible in Updater

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Thought you were rooted since you answered my reply ^^
Alright then guess I’ll have to wait for more feedback

No, not rooted and no plan to do that.
I’m just waiting for LOS4mg or iodè. But no root. Have no use-case to must do that.

I was confused by the “FP3” in the build name, until I noticed that the current build number is FP4.FP3N.A.091.20211118 according to the About phone section. they only put the part of the name in the changelog that indicates the version of the software, and skipped the phone model and release date.

If it werent for Adaway and the host file method that requires root, I wouldn’t do it. But root method has 0 impact on battery whereas VPN way has to use more resources by definition, even if it’s low :frowning:

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Anyone else also had Roaming and Wi-Fi Calling disabled after installing this update?

Don’t use wifi calling, but roaming was disabled

WiFi calling was still enabled, but roaming was indeed disabled now. But I’m not 100% sure if I enabled it after my factory reset last week. I usually enable it since I don’t plan on traveling outside of the EU anytime soon.

@tretkowski Yes, I enanled Wifi calling some days ago for tssting and I noticed somd hours after the update, that it was deactivated.

Anyone else NOT receiving the update ?

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Yes, me, see above. I wonder when it will arrive.