FP4, security update, december 5 2021, called FP3Q.A.094 though

We already had the same discussion with the previous update. That it took some days until it arrived.
FP might also deliver in batches, like other manufacturers (Google Pixel, OnePlus, …) do. Officially, however, there is nothing to be learned about this…

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It arrived


Did the update and the notification tray is now distractingly large… Anyone know how to fix that? It’s like twice the height it was before the update :confused:

What exactly do you mean by “update and notification tray”? Could you provide a screenshot?

I believe it’s the same. I compared it with an old screenshot I made before the December update. But yes, it’s indeed quite tall. But that’s the trade off of a notch. You get extra screenspace, but it’s not used. Might as well include the bezel and add a LED light and other more functional things :nerd_face:


Found an old screenshot and I think you’re right… But I swear something about the presentation there has changed, I just can’t put my finger on it…

It extends a good way past the notch, I wouldn’t blame that but that’s digressing now - my mistake! I’ll be interested to see if people notice any of the camera improvements that are apparently there.

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Do you have a source about those camera enhancements? I haven’t seen a complete changelog yet of the December update. In my experience the camera hasn’t improved.

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It was one of the notes in the update change log - fingerprint reader and camera enhancements. Can’t say I had any problems with the fingerprint reader before and I haven’t really had the chance to use the cameras that much yet…

are we talking about the same update? the changelog only mentioned a security update patch.


FP4.FP3Q.A.094.20211213 is the version number I have and it mentioned the fingerprint reader and camera - maybe I’m ahead/behind?

that’s the same update I posted a screenshot of above.

Wow, that is what I call real Vorfreude ! :grin:

Iirc, the screen before that listed camera enhancements and fingerprint reader enhancements - unfortunately no way to go back, maybe someone else that hasn’t installed it yet can verify, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it :slightly_smiling_face:

@Discostu36 has posted a screenshot from before the installation process an hour ago in this thread, and while it’s in German, it pretty much states the same thing - December security patch and a generic “software updates can bring in some bug fixes and improvements” disclaimer.


I don’t know what to tell you, I saw what I saw :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did notice the selfies are quite a little less noisy now, some improvements here.
It might just have been different lighting conditions, but I did see a difference.
Anyone can confirm?

I don’t think the camera app version number changed (Version v2.0.010(10091800-01)).

Selfies are still just as bad in low light. In good light it’s good enough indeed. But that was like this before as well.

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hope thats the right screen, camera improvements are listed.

Also saw the other screenshots but it seems the chnages were updated


I wonder what exactly has been improved. Because if this is progress… :see_no_evil:

Edit: maybe, just maybe the maximum zoom has improved and is less blurry. But don’t know for sure.

Another edit: I think the improvement is the auto focus, especially in low light. Before the update it was sometimes still zooming in or out before taking the shot. And then you end up with blurry pics. Now it is more patient. Which as a side effect makes taking shots a little slower. But it’s worth it. But yeah, just guessing.