Fairphone discounts & deals 2020-2024

Here is a small addition. There is one entry missing from the list of dealers:

FP3+ Longevity Pack

FP3+ with FP screen protector (privacy filter) and protective case (only black or blue) included until 25 September with these dealers: Fairphone Promotions

Details and Longevity Pack application form (obligatory for getting the pack): https://promotions.fairphone.com/fairphone3plus-longevity-pack

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40€ gift card deal at dealers

Gift card usable in the Fairphone shop for accessories and/or spare parts after you purchase an FP3+ or FP4 at participating dealers until 23 October.

Gift card application form (obligatory for getting the card):


Do you know where I can find an “influencer code” for the current offer named on here?

Hi and welcome.

I imagine an ‘influencer’ would send you the code if they are aware of you and want to befreind you.

It doesn’t make sense that a purchaser could access a code themselves.

So you may have to become an inflencer to get a code from Fairphone before you can provide it to others.

How about this

I guess buying it at one of the participating sellers for the 40€ gift card would make more sense then. You cannot get the gift card when you buy it from the official Fairphone Website, can you?

This “Sharing the Code on any public channels outside of the social media pages of the influencers in question, on forums or websites (personal or commercial) is prohibited.” sounded to me as if influencer would just have those codes listed on their social media pages, similar to affiliate links.

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10% off all spare parts until 28 November 2022

Headline says it all :slight_smile:

The discount is applied automatically in the cart, so the prices shown initially are still unchanged.

For reference regarding the expiration date: Facebook – screenshot:


FP4 with TWS earbuds (optionally) included until 22 December

The combo deal FP4 + TWS is on again until 22 December 2022: Fairphone Promotions and Offers - Fairphone

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80 € cashback for FP4 purchases with dealers until 26 December

For details including the list of participating dealers, see https://promotions.fairphone.com/other/cashback-1222-eur


Second FP4 bought yesterday, cash back filed 7pm, validation received 9am :slight_smile:


Not a big deal, but anyway: In February, there is free shipping on shipments from the Fairphone Shop to pickup stations (“Access Points”) where those exist. For all smallprint, see Fairphone Promotions and Offers - Fairphone (final point, if the link doesn’t direct you there right away)
NOT in UK, Norway, Switzerland.


FP4 with Protective Case included until 26 February

FP4 Protective Case included in FP4 purchases at several dealers (list):
Fairphone - With free Protective case


50 € / 50 £ off all four FP4 variants

Until (and including on the) 13 March, the prices all four versions of the FP4 are each reduced by 50 Euros resp. 50 GBP in the Fairphone Shop, i.e. 579 → 529 and 649 → 599.

Smallprint (didn’t find any surprises in it)


Four variants? If one is the 6/128 and another one is the 8/256… Which are the other 2?

6/128 is exclusively available in grey. So it’s two grey variants (6/128 or 8/256) plus green (8/256 only) plus speckled green (8/256 only) .


Swapfiets newsletter 50€ FP4 discount

From how I read it, subscribers of the Swapfiets newsletter have received or will receive a 50€ resp. 50£ discount code for an FP4 purchase, valid from 14 March to 14 April 2023. Smallprint

NOTE that before 14 March, all FP4s are still discounted by the same amount in the Fairphone Shop.


## 50 € / 50£ off FP4
The recent (February/March) promotion is on again until 10 April. Smallprint

## Free Access Point shipping until 9 May (9:30 am)

A re-run of the February deal, again excluding Norway, Switzerland, UK. Smallprint

5 June to 19 June 2023:
50 € / 50 £ off all four FP4 variants
Until (and including on the) 19 June 2023, the prices all four versions of the FP4 are each reduced by 50 Euros resp. 50 GBP in the Fairphone Shop, i.e. 579 → 529 and 649 → 599. Smallprint

From 8 August 2023:
FP4 with TWS earbuds (optionally)

The combo deal FP4 + TWS is on again. TWS can be added right after adding an FP4 to your cart in the Fairphone online shop. Offer valid until at least 23 August 2023.

Apparently permanent FP4 price cut by 50€

## Fairphone 5 with free Protective Case at dealers until 13 Sep 2023

Until 13 September, the Fairphone 5 can be bought from a selection of dealers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Netherlands*. After completion of the application form, a free Protective Case will be sent within 30 days.

*seats of dealers, not necessarily restricting purchases from other countries (please check)


Not sure if this is the proper space to post this, @moderators feel free to move it

There’s a joint competition for German residents, prepared I believe by Telecom and Fairphone, you can win a trip to FP headquarters, a FP5 or XL Fairbuds, by submitting a picture of flower(s).

I even took a picture only to find out I am not eligible;-) well. Perhaps someone here will be more lucky:)


## FP4 with free Fairphone Flipcase at dealers until 29 Oct 2023

Fairphone 4 with the new Fairphone 4 flipcase at several dealers (list) at no extra costs when you fill in the form at https://promotions.fairphone.com/de/en/fairphone4-protectivecase

Note: The list of dealers might not be complete – e.g. Murena is advertising this promotion as well. When you have selected your country in the form, these dealers might show up in the form’s Where did you buy your Fairphone device? space, too.

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Fairphone started the Keep Club. First buyers can get a 25€ discount, if they use an invitation link from a member of the keep club.

Refer a Friend
Give 25 €, Get 250 points
Here is a unique link just for you. Copy it below and share the love for 25€ off your friends’ first Fairphone.
Refer a friend | Fairphone

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