It's cheaper, but how much longer?

I’ve seen the FP4 is 50€ off since yesterday, but how long will this offer last? I really could use the difference to get the charger and cable. :sweat_smile:

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Or you can try to use the phone with already existing chargers and cables and save the money and the environment. :shushing_face:


For both economical and environmental reasons, I’m going to recycle my current phone, but I still want the charger because it’s faster than any other I own, and the cable because it’s (allegedly) durable and it’s also 2 cables in 1 (Type-A to C and Type-C to C).

Then it’s ok.

But just in case:
When it’s only about chargers and cables you can buy product from “Anker”, too.
They don´t have the focus on fairness but their products can be used a long time, which is at least not so bad for the environment.
I have only made good experiences with this.


As we are only user like you, we only know what Fairphone now publishes


I had not seen this, so you did me a great favor by attaching this post in your comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :partying_face::clap:t2:


I’m buying the FP4, so I guess it’s better for the planet if I get it all delivered together, hopefully in the same package.


All in one saves a bit of effort for the courier, but don’t worry about the planet, it’s fine. It’s just the people that are giving themselves and other ‘consumers’ a run for their money, and of course cows and tree don’t have any so are on the ‘we will sustain you ~ if we can use you low branches’

I have it, and I’m pretty sure the current USB-C norm will be a thing for museums* long before that cable starts showing any signs of use… :grin:

  • *) The USB spec is in a state of flux, so what would be the highest-end cable today will become a feature-limited low-end cable tomorrow (for uncertain values of “tomorrow”). There is nothing Fairphone or ourselves can do about it: Most hardware is thrown away not because it broke, but simply because it is obsolete. :slightly_frowning_face:

When I open the Fairphone homepage there is now a banner at the top stating as follows:

Limited time discount on all Fairphone 4 models, valid till the 13th of March. T&Cs apply.

(Bold format done by me!)
So, the offer will - as of now - end in less than two weeks.
I would not bet on Fairphone extending that period.


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