Marketing errors in Fairphone 5 launch

Hi Yvonne.

First, let me say I feel you a little negative on my post.
Are you answering ad moderator or as user? Because maybe I made another mistake not clarifying that I’ll be happy to have other users opinion.

But is a good idea. I’ll appreciate to ask for official clarification by Fairphone, but on the site i find no contact for that.

I’ll ask this to the Press contact, before writing on this.

Many thanks. Marco


You’ve got the choice between another cheap / non lasting / built with non durable materials cover… or the “expensive” one from FP.

For me the choice is evident : FP.


Hi Yvonne, please read all my messages a second time.

I never asked to have something for free, and you are really negative about my arguments. Not expected by an user, absolutely not expected from a moderator.

You never responded to facts; so let me ask it in a direct way; as user (you own a Fairphone, isn’t it?) you consider a good idea to remove the screwdriver, and sell the cover at a price 4x the regular one?

Have a good day. Marco


rest assured, I never had doubt about my personal choice, but my comments are about Fairphone marketing.

This is independent by the prices. I’m not saying that other items must be included at the same price, of course.

You consider a good idea to remove the screwdriver, and sell the cover at a price 4x the regular one?

Or you prefer a price raise of 5 plus 10 Euros and have screwdriver & cover in the base pack?

Thanks. Marco

Actually Xiaomi does.

Given that Fairphone gave you free Fairbuds if you wanted to when buying an FP4, the case admittedly would’ve been the better choice.

That’d be easily solved by using the mechanism used for the Fairbuds option: Give the customer a choice on checkout.


Thats a constructive suggestion, just to add 2 things:

  • The earbuds were not always given for free, this was just a partial option.
  • ordering via a reseller, you currently actually get a case for free…

Edit: a list of all deals since 2020


Fairphone is actually giving away a free protective case to everyone who pre-ordered at one of the several resellers. Unfortunately, this pre-order promotion wasn’t available when ordering at Fairphone directly, which is not a very nice move by Fairphone, I think.


We had that topic in another thread already and while I first thought that it would be better for Fairphone if they sell their products directly (better margin) I came to realize that it is useful for them to have their products at many resellers as this increases the chance of selling them. And therefore it makes sense if they encourage those resellers by steering customers to them with such incentives.


I get that, but annoying your most loyal customers isn’t that clever nonetheless…

I havent ever bought anything in the Fairphone shop, instead I would always go first to vireo or memolife in Germany. I’m a Fairphoner since 2016 so in my eyes where you buy does not indicate your level of loyalty and I personally always welcomed the options that exist depending on ones preference.

Hello, I bought my FP5 right on the day of the presentation at Fairphone. A few days ago it was delivered - without protective case. If I now buy one from memolife, for example, it will be delivered in 1-2 days and I get a protective case for free. You don’t get anything from Fairphone - and the shipping costs are even higher. That is neither customer-friendly nor good marketing. I am now considering returning the FP and buying one from memolife. I have asked support to send me a bumper to avoid the ecologically nonsensical sending back. However, support supposedly takes 5 days to respond to such a simple request. I am quite annoyed (Is this 3rd Fairphone my last?).

Don’t do this. This promotion was an “early bird catching the FP5-worm at resellers” thing and has already ended as you can see here:
I think people would be less annoyed if the case was only 10€, but with 40€ that’s definitely something.
And about loyalty: I do think that people feel somewhat connected to Fairphone if for instance they bought an FP1 in 2013 directly at their website and although in the last decade things have changed they go to Fairphone directly again to buy their FP5 now. But well, it is what it is (and it made my decision easier to go without protective case which would be non-transparent anyway).


But this is a detail of the product launch, annoying but limited. in time and impact.

OTOH the things I described in my post affect the FP5 as a product, always and forever.

I do not earn money from the Fairphone success, and lost nothing if it fails, but I’ll be overall happiest if the market share of modular and durable smartphone raises a lot.

Sorry, but You are definitly wrong. here´s the text from Smartphone "Fairphone 5" - öko, fair einkaufen | just now:
Here’s how it works:
Pre-order your Fairphone 5 between August 30 and October 15 and
register your purchase on
Within 2 working days the registration will be checked and you will receive an e-mail as a reply.
At the latest 30 days after registration your free protective cover will be sent to you!
Eligible are persons who have reached the age of 18 and are resident in the European Union or the United Kingdom. The promotion is only valid within the specified promotion period. A copy of the purchase receipt is required for participation.

That’s a strong statement, you might be just as wrong as I might be. It’s not that I didn’t have an official source, either. But it fits quite well into the “marketing errors in Fairphone 5 launch” thread… :roll_eyes:

Edit: The Fairphone promotions page has this image in there (read the fine print):

And when we look at the procedure you’ll see that the registration needs to happen before October 15 which might be where the confusion comes from:



What I found a bit disturbing regarding marketing was the email I received a few days ago, with the header Switch to the new Fairphone 5.

To me this sounds like the usual marketing any company would do: Wow, we have a new model, please change as quickly as you can. But the whole idea for me behind FP is that I do not upgrade my hardware each time a new release is out, but that I try to keep my hardware running as long as possible.

Therefore I was a bit annoyed by the header of that email. Apart from that I do really like my FP4 and I really liked the FP2 I had for four years before that. I hope to keep my FP4 for another three to four years and may consider switching to the latest generation then.


I first had similar thoughts and at the end they dont know what phone the recipient is using, so finally its up to each of us to only buy if really needed and to just ignore such marketing when you are not interested. A company needs marketing to survive and grow.

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If I am not mistaken, but surely I will be slapped down if I am wrong, the 5-year warranty is also subject to some form of restriction/payment.

Has anyone delved into this issue?

However, I have not had a chance to look into this, since, as far as so many in this thread have exposed, I have been a happy owner of an FP4 for only three years …

I have bought my Fairphone 5 directly from Fairphone. So no free case for me. And I am happy about that. Somebody has to pay for the case. I find it more than fair that I pay for it. How do you think pay for the ‘free’ case at your reseller?


One could say that those who bought directly at Fairphone pay for the free reseller case :wink:
I’m pretty sure that was calculated in and while we all want Fairphone to be successful we may not forget that in the end it is a company that makes some money, too. I’m not too worried in this “case”.
You know, it’s just human to feel treated unfair if you think that you’re doing the right thing (buying directly) and then you learn that for being so kind (we made up for ourselves that this is kind behavior) you get less than the others who bought somewhere else. I was a bit disappointed initially, too, but I’m over it now. Did I mention that I received a cool new phone? :smiley: