Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

I’m planning to buy a FP4. However, I don’t like the offered colours, the offered case colours neither. Does anyone know a sustainable alternative? Preferably in the “traditional” blue Fairphone colour?

Alternatively I’m searching data for a 3D print.

And the very best would be a phone chain (again also 3D print data possible).

Looking forward to the community’s ideas :slight_smile:

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What case is that, what kind of sticky tape did ya use, and hows it holding up a month in?

Thanks @yvmuell, didn´t found it.

It’s holding up perfectly fine, thanks. Wouldn’t know it was customized, though the phone is quite thick and the case if for a Xiaomi Mi 11 (14 euro case) which is quite thinner. So it holds like a case with some extra cards and such fitted it. The tape is generic, there’s nothing special about it. I think I used versus.com to find phones with similar dimensions and camera placement and a dutcb vendor for suitable booklet case to it.


Has anyone managed to find a phone case with an over the body strap/rope/chain that’s compatible with Fairphone 4?

Any example?
Over the body chain?

Oh, and by the way, hello first. Welcome. :wink:

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I was asked to do a bumper only version.
Your modeling seems nice.

I uploaded a bumper only version on prusaprinters.
Faiphone 4 bumber Only by Warc | Download free STL model | PrusaPrinters

Can you upload there your version with the fullcover, it will be apreciated by this comunity too.
If you don’t wan t to do so, can I upload it for you ?



Nice derivative. :slight_smile:

As requested, I made a PrusaPrinters account and imported my model:

Please let me know if there’s anything missing from it.


Nope, there is everything.

I posted mine as a derivative from yours.

Thanks for the upload.

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Do you sell these? I’m looking for that exact model, preferably transparent

Are there any on demand printers where I could order one of these :thinking:

No I’m not selling them. But there ought to be a relatively local service to get them printed from. :slight_smile:

@NiceColdRum probably!

Hello all,
hope you can help :slight_smile:
Does someone know if there is a protective case available like a Otterbox or a Spigen or something similar? (a case for a tough enviroment/outdoor usage)
Would be really helpful if someone would know anything about it :slight_smile:
Thank you very much in advance
best regards


Thanks for your work @Paperpilot.
I remixed the design from @Warc, moved a few things until it fit for me. From that I made a regular case, a bumper case with no bottom, and a case with a card slot ready to print.

Happy Printing!


@FairphoneHulk, I’m searching the same like @beth. Example

Years ago, it was also discussed here as DIY, but not 3D print.

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maybe something like that is an alternative:

Indeed, thats a start :slight_smile: ! To be honest, I try my best to avoid buying anything at Amazon, but sometimes an exception is necessary ;-). Also charging will be difficult with that, so the case has to be remomoved for charging.

@FairphoneHulk: Thank you!!

I’ve just bought an official case from a French reseller I don’t understand how fairphone wants to charge me over €50 (incl. delivery) for a case when a company from France can ship it to me for just over €30 the mind boggles :upside_down_face:


@NiceColdRum: Can you share the reseller with us? That would be great :slight_smile: