FP3 smartphone necklace (🇩🇪 Handykette)

Last week a Fairphoner asked me about a smartphone necklace for the FP2 or FP3, it’s a new trend here in Berlin (not for me). Till now there is no such thing for the Fairphone, but the new FP3 bumpercase opens a possibility to assign two eye hooks or little rings to the bottom of the bumpercase.

Look here (and don’t judge, it’s not my trend but it has it’s lovers)

I was thinking about doing a little workshop slot at the next 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Berliner Fairphone-Community-Treffen | Berlin Meetups

What’s your opinion about that necklace idea? What eye hooks or little rings should be used?
Maybe this here? With small flat headed screws from the bumper inside?


I wonder if in the course of time the bumper will stretch and therefore become too loose, so that you run the risk of the phone falling out of the bumper.

Had the same thoughts. Maybe I’ll find someone who will test this.

At first you have to be able to achieve to like this. :wink:
So my idea is:
Inside of the bumper needs to be a plate of thin metal or plastic, where the outer rings could be mounted on from the outside. The plate should prevent the rings to tear out.


Good idea. How would you prevent the bumper being stretched by the plate?

Scissors and poof new phone :wink:

Had to look for a moment to figure how it would work (the screen facing away from the body, and smartphone being upside down, gave it away). So with every step you take, your phone bumps against your body? Having the screen towards the body protects it better unless you have stuff on your trousers/shirt/sweater which can scratch it. Having the screen faced away from you makes it vulnerable 24/7 (I challenge you to not bump into anyone in Amsterdam metro), and on top of that everyone can see if you got notifications (although if your notification LED is like Fairphone 3’s that still says nothing :smile: ). I’d rather have my smartphone less prominent visible on my belt, like the feuerwear case allows. To each their own though.

As for the physics, I’d ask other people who make this how they do it, and which phones they are using. I guess you can assume people use it with smartphones like iPhone SE/6/7/8, so you can at least check their weight and compare it with FP3. As for the necklace itself, the rings will continuously create half the phone’s weight worth of pressure on the same spot. This seems like a thick necklace though.

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That is to be proven.

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There are special (transparent) cases, as far as I have seen.

But there are universal-solutions already available, that should work with most phones.
Sorry for referencing amazon again (it’s just for demonstration):

Here are two examples from sellers pages;


It seems obvious from those constructions, that the bumper alone would never be enough to hold the phone. My guess would be, that it stretches with every step causing the phone to fall out quite often.

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But not fitting for the FP3, especially all the small openings in the bumper has to be at the right place (headphone, topmicrophone, usb-c, switches etc.), I think there is no universal bumper for smartphones at all…

Thank you for the links, @BertG. This solution makes me smile :slight_smile: looks like a bikini for smartphones :slight_smile:

My intention to post this in DoItYourself section was to think about modifying the existing bumper, as easy solution, and as inspiration maybe for others.


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