Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

Hi! :slight_smile:

I’m not uploading them to there yet as I haven’t been able to verify some dimensions, and I won’t be able to until I get my FP4. I know for an almost certainty that some dimensions in my model are incorrect.

If you want an early peek to find what exactly is wrong (like pre-beta testing?), I’m very willing to send them to you in whatever format you want. :smiley: Then you could compare against your phone any way that suits you and see what’s wrong. If you have access to calipers, even better!


Indeed, i have access to a caliper.
(though it is not the best quality …)
For the format I am using Fusion 360, If you have the f3D format it would be great.

And I would be pleased to check it, and make a first cover, print int in TPU and test it too.

I don’t know it you can send any pm here.
If not, i will send you my email.

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Great, I can send the files this evening in .step format, which I believe Fusion 360 supports?
I have 5 files:
The screen “block”
The midframe “block”
The back cover “block”
The assembly containing the above three blocks mated together to produce a whole.
The preliminary case model to be made in TPU.

I’ll send them all this evening and let you know if sending via PM does not work.

Important note: for sure I got the overall thickness of the fairphone 4 model wrong, and possibly the exact width and height.
If you can measure the overall thickness of your phone with and without the camera bump, as well as the overall width and height, that would save time fixing problems later! :slight_smile:


I will mesure it befor 7PM French time tonight and post my mesurement here.
I don’t have access to PM for the moment for security reasons …

see you later.

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Ok, so with my caliper :
Wide : 75.8 mm
thikness without camera : 10.5mm
Thikness with camera : 11.1 mm
Lenght : more than my caliper … but should be 160mm

it was mesured with my analogic caliper, my numeric is doing very weird stuff.


Official measurements:


From Fairphone 4 - Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. | Fairphone (sometimes hard to find at first sight in the “Specifications/Design” section)



It’s at the top of the specifications if you try to buy the phone :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
The thicknesses in particular will be invaluable.
I’ll check my model again and then send it when I can.

For being able to send pm have a look here #how-to-dm (you just have to look at one topic more for trust level 1 anyway… :wink: ).



Printed the first one yesterday.
Needs to be a bit deeper for working well as a case.

I will try to print another tomorrow.
Otherwise, it’s good for the length and width


Thanks for the feedback! I assume that by deeper you mean it needs to be stretched in that depth direction to fit well on?

I’d love to see a picture of what it looks like when on the phone. :slight_smile:

Hello this is the first iteration with no stretching.
I think that a 110% in the Z axis is sufficiant to have a good fit.


Thank you for the feedback!

I made the case by offsetting the relevant surfaces of my FP4 model into a new part. I selected a 0mm offset, but I could have done 0.5mm/1mm etc offset for the entire case…

That would seem to be the easiest solution, but I’d like a little more data:

Do you think the case could be not fitting because of the curved edges of the camera bump being in the way? Perhaps I need to make the cutout bigger?
I only ask because it seems like the case is fitting a little better at the USB C side, far away from the camera. But I could be wrong about that!

Also, I would be interested to know if you can cut the case in half, and put on half of the case only to provide an interior view of the problem?

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The camera cutout is slightly (0,5 mm) too much close to the top, and it has no impact on the case.
However, I hardly modified the power button clearance, because you need a very fin surface to go near and be able to touch it.

On your m odel i modified eavily the corners for having the less overhang possible, almost round in my modelisation for being able to print it.

I changed the width of the back of the case for being 0.2 mm more than the camera, you don’t need more.

I will cut it :wink: and upload you the pics

As you can see, a little more width is all we need here, and from the bottom, not only expansion from the top.

And yeah, i found my macro lens :wink:


Thank you!
So do you want me to simply increase the z-axis of the case model to 110% and you do the cut-out modifications?

I still have the mods, i will try to print it tonight.

I have to tune a bit better my printer, i am not satified of the quality of my slicing at all …

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Ok, I will wait to hear. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Ok, the model is good enough for me for the moment.
a bit more overlap in the top would be great

I have printed it in TPU, no bottom / top layer, infill hexa, 15 %
110% Z axis
I think i beed to dry my filament, but should do the trick for now.

I will send you the modified step file in MP, feel free to publish it wherever you want.


@Paperpilot @Warc
The prints of the case look really nice :slight_smile:
I hope to get my FP4 before X-mas. Around X-mas I am at a friends house who has a 3D printer and would like to print your model and the modifications w/ his help. He is using Fusion360 as well. If it is no problem, can I get the files as well? As I wrote earlier in this thread, I am thinking of printing a dual layer case (the inner layer of TPU and the outer layer of PETG).
I hope it is not a problem to modify the files to fit that.

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