Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

Regarding the modified file by @Warc , I consider it to be theirs, due to the work they did to improve it and, you know, actually make it fit. :wink: So whatever Warc decides is up to them.

On my part, I have been too busy to do further work, and have decided to wait until I have my own Fairphone next week. I have some ideas I want to implement, but I can’t promise anything. But I will release my versions if they fit.


I don’t know if it helps, but my experience with the original case of the FP4 is that the fingerprint sensor is much harder to reach as without the cover. For your own version you might want to try if having more space around it (on the Y axis of the device) would make unlocking with fingerprint easier. Or maybe also make the case thinner there? But of course it would make the sensor more vulnerable to damage.

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@Discostu36 In my version there is a large clearance for this spot.
As shown on previous pictures.

I have uploadeds it on thingyverse (F3D / STL / 3mf)
FairPhone 4 case and dummy by nainno - Thingiverse

Feel free to make it better, but publish it afterward and share with the community.
And, don’t sell those :wink:

(I will print another un deep blue TPU filament just because Kimya Deep blue is gorgeous as phone case.)



Because the FP4 has about the same dimensions as the Samsung Galaxy S21+, you could look for generic cases that fit the Samsung. I use a leather pouch and it fits like a glove.

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FP4 ~~ (162 x 75.5 x 10.5)
S21+ ~ (161.5 x 75.6 x 7.8)

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Thank you for uploading the files :slight_smile:
I have no intentions of selling it and I will upload
my improvements once I have done them :wink:


I am also looking forward to your design :slight_smile:

Until then :smiley:


I just customized a case for a different type phone with similar dimensions and camera positions, ripped out the plastic holder and stuck the Fairphone casing in it’s place with double sided sticky tape

It works.


For good measure, here is the camera side

Lugging it around for the first day today, I am fully content with this solution. The grey case with the grey booklet and the green model has a very pleasant aesthetic, and the grey casing is sturdier/more protective than any of the rubber holders that normally come in such booklets. So yeah, customizing successful.


@berlinfairphoneuser Have a look here, from all I know AnotherElk’s suggestion above is the only option so far that is specifically tailored (literally) to the FP4.


@urs_lesse Thank you very much!! :grinning: :+1:

That’s really clever for a case …

I was thinking about the way i can do a printable flip cover … but maybe i won’t bother.

For infomration, i have migrated the stl and other to prusa prints : FairPhone 4 case and dummy by Warc | Download free STL model | PrusaPrinters

I will try to find more time during hollidays to make a v2


I’m glad to say that I have a completely redone case.:slight_smile:
I made a new dummy model that’s less fragile to changes and uses actual measurements from my phone.

Then using that I made a 2mm thick TPU case that pokes out past the screen and has covered volume buttons.
Of course, the thickness can be modified.

I uploaded it to thingiverse:

You may of course modify it if you publish the modifications. :wink:

The next thing I want to do is make a derivative that consists of two pieces: an inner TPU case and a hard outer bumper made of PLA+ covering the edges.
But first I will see if I can make the entire TPU case except for the corners a little thinner. All the airbag protection with less bulk! DONE! :smiley:

Old plain case

New bumper corner case

Edit 18/12/21: Changed the picture to a newer print, and added a bit to my future plans. Removed the part about “small location mistakes”, as I don’t see any with a properly fitted print. :smiley:

Edit 22/12/21: Added new case derivative with protuding bumper corners. I’ve made a hard PLA edge piece for the bumper corner case, but it’s crude and not ready to publish. You can request it if you want it.


I’m planning to buy a FP4. However, I don’t like the offered colours, the offered case colours neither. Does anyone know a sustainable alternative? Preferably in the “traditional” blue Fairphone colour?

Alternatively I’m searching data for a 3D print.

And the very best would be a phone chain (again also 3D print data possible).

Looking forward to the community’s ideas :slight_smile:

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@AMO moved you post to this existing thread.

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What case is that, what kind of sticky tape did ya use, and hows it holding up a month in?

Thanks @yvmuell, didn´t found it.

It’s holding up perfectly fine, thanks. Wouldn’t know it was customized, though the phone is quite thick and the case if for a Xiaomi Mi 11 (14 euro case) which is quite thinner. So it holds like a case with some extra cards and such fitted it. The tape is generic, there’s nothing special about it. I think I used versus.com to find phones with similar dimensions and camera placement and a dutcb vendor for suitable booklet case to it.


Has anyone managed to find a phone case with an over the body strap/rope/chain that’s compatible with Fairphone 4?

Any example?
Over the body chain?

Oh, and by the way, hello first. Welcome. :wink:

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I was asked to do a bumper only version.
Your modeling seems nice.

I uploaded a bumper only version on prusaprinters.
Faiphone 4 bumber Only by Warc | Download free STL model | PrusaPrinters

Can you upload there your version with the fullcover, it will be apreciated by this comunity too.
If you don’t wan t to do so, can I upload it for you ?