Fairphone 3 stuck at lockscreen

Hello everyone,
I used to own a brand now fairphone 3 until this moring.
Friday evening I was using my fairphone when i got stuck at the lock screen.

I could not unlock the phone even after a normal restart, switching it on and off and waiting multiple times.
Other times it would show multiple numbers when trying to enter the lockscreen code.
This Saturday I went to the shop and and on my way to there it would work normal again.
I wanted to make a backup and then hand it in for repair.
For some reason it would one moment work and other moment it was stuck at the lock screen.

At home I found out that I was still within the bring-back-period of the fairphone 3 to the shop so I went in and asked a refund.

@FrankvD did the phone’s display stay black and the phone didn’t respond to any input - how long did this last?
Or did the display come live just fine but you had problems being able to login (e.g. PIN not being accepted or something similar)?

Here are two threads that cover issues with the phone being unresponsive for a short period of time:

The display came live just fine after 4-5 seconds.
I still didn’t try a complete reset, almost getting used to wait for a while. After all the troubles I had with the FP2 it seems quite a small trouble but still… it wasn’t like that the first 2 weeks…

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My phone seemed to boot and restart fine.
It was just impossible to enter the pincode in a normal manner.
I have a video here on my computer about this, where can I upload this video?

It was not something for a short time (like 5 seconds) but continuous.
When looking at youtube I found one video very similar to the behavior I have seen.
Fairphone very scary bug.

That:s probably a different issue then - sorry to hear about it.
From what I’ve read in the forum so far, in general the FP3 seems quite stable - you might have had bar luck with your device and could give it another try afterall? :kissing:

I don’t think it’s possible to upload videos in the forum, I recently used my Google Drive account to host a video and posted a link to it here in the forum.

I have uploaded the video to vimeo.com for now.
Fairphone 3 stuck at lockscreen
If anyone can tell me why this would happen to a fairphone 3 that is less than a month old I would love to hear about that.

Hmm - would’ve been interesting to see if the touchscreen test is OK or if it shows any strange input that doesn’t match with your actions. (Developer options > Service menu > Service Tests > Test Single > Touch Screen.)

I experience a somewhat over-sensitive touchscreen with my FP3 - it’s a different symptom, but the touch inputs don’t always seem to be processed perfectly fine: FP3: touchscreen over-sensitive

Hello everyone,
I have exactly the same issue as FrankvD. Sometimes my phone works perfectly fine and then it has again this strange bug (lockscreen not reacting properly, numbers typed in come on the screen several times , e.g. 1111 instead of just 1). This bug is so annoying - basically the phone becomes unusable with it. I switched the phone on and off several times and disassembled and reassembled the screen. It is so embarassing. Just used the phone for about one or two weeks…

Would be great to find some help!