FP3: touchscreen over-sensitive


I’m experiencing issues with my FP3’s touchscreen: at the end of the touch input, i.e. when releasing the finger from the screen, the phone seems to read an additional touch-input / movement, which results in additional scrolling / imprecise positioning:

  1. often: minor additional scrolling, imprecise selection (e.g. when cropping images)
  2. sometimes: stronger scrolling (see video)
  3. very seldom: the entire page scrolls wildly in one direction (as if I had it scroll as fast as possible from top to bottom or other way 'round)

This also makes scrolling through web-pages quite unpredictable, because even with always the same kind of touch inputs to push the page up / down, the scrolling is slower or faster intermittently.

Does anybody else experience problems with FP3s touchscreen functionality?

Here’s a sample video (Google Drive):

  • the first scrolling is intended, followed by a second unintended minor scrolling when releasing the finger from the screen.
  • the third scrolling is intended, followed by a stronger unintended scrolling when releasing the finger from the screen.

(The charger is not plugged in when this occurs. I will raise a ticket with Fairphone’s support team and report back with any updates from Fairphone.)

I don’t have this issue. Did you check the touch input visualization in the Developer settings? Maybe that gives a hint on where exactly the ghost input is triggered.

Yep, I filled quite a few test-screens with my touch-inputs, but I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary - just the many strokes I made, as expected.

FP2 had some setting in the accessibility menu called “touch & hold delay”.
This could take influence in the behavior of the display.

Isn’t there something similar available for the FP3 / Android 9?


Thanks for the hint, just tried it with setting “long”, still same behaviour though.

Same problem with my fp3… i have left a message on support team today. I hope for a quick answear… i hope it s not a hardware pb !

So far, Fairphone support has requested additional information from me (results of the touchscreen service test and a video where the finger’s touch input is visible).

Here’s a sample video showing a pinch to zoom problem (Google Drive) that I also experience and that might well be related: pinch to zoom sometimes only works at 2nd, 3rd or 4th try.

At the moment, Fairphone is still investigating on this issue.

Thanks for your reply. Do you also have problems with keyboard sensitivity? Once in a while i get multiples instances of one letter when i press a Key. For exemple : “eeexxxxxeemmppplleeee” :roll_eyes:

Here is thé Message i have sent to thé support center :
Very often, the tactil screen is is not responding correctly: it is very sensitive, when i touch a key for a letter it writes 3 or 4 of this letter instead of just one, or i can not scroll it press immediately the link under my finger. The becomes unuseful. Please help quickly i m very disappointed with this

I don’t experience the keyboard-issue you described.

(A few times I think the keyboard-swiping was interpreted as “interrupted” (as if I had lifted my finger from the screen to start with a new word, though I didn’t lift it). But then again, it’s really only been a few times, so I don’t mind - and I’m not too sure about the exact behavior in this case anyway. :slight_smile: …)

Update: Fairphone support asked me to return the phone to their repair center.

Dear community,

I am traveling and all of a sudden my fairphone 3 has started registering some of my clicks as double or triple clicks. This makes it nearly impossible to use (this message for example took a long time to write, and on most websites it randomly clicks on things). Anyone else experiencing this issue? How can it be solved? I need a quick solution as I’m traveling internationally for a couple of weeks and have no backup…

Yes, I have tried turning it off and on again

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Lonneke,

I’ve been experiencing the same problem for a few days now.
The problem occured very occasionally at first, but it’s been occuring occur more and more lately.

I’ve had black screen issues before. I deassembled/reassembled the screen and it solved my problem. I believe that the problems I’m having now might be linked with that process (maybe some dust on the connectors?).

Anyway I plan on deassembling/cleaning/reassembling the display and connectors once again and see if this solves it. Have you already tried that yourself?

I also sometimes have this issue. I had trouble typing anything yesterday. iitt wwoouulldd aall llookk lliikkee tthhiiss…
Not sure if it is related to charging my phone, or just the touch screen module malfunctioning

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I recently noticed this behaviour while the phone was connected to a charger. Things opened when I just wanted to scroll over them. There also was a “nervous” (double) vibration when touching the screen instead of the “usual” one. It reacted “as usual” when I switched off the power.

Maybe I did not really notice this within months becaue I hardly ever use it activley while charging.