Switch on my FP3 takes too much time

My FP3 was entirely perfect for about 10 days and then it began to need time (4-5 seconds) to light on.
I think it can be an App I added but I haven’t found which one (if it’s the case).
Do you have an other idea (before I make the reset) ? Thank you

If you think it’s caused by an app, try to uninstall any apps you’ve installed recently to find the one causing the problem instead of performing a compete factory reset :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I did it. And I’m afraid it can be caused by the fingerprint identification, which I haven’t uninstalled yet :worried:

Similar behaviour here:
from time to time, the phone just stays black for up to 20 or 30 seconds and doesn’t respond to any input (the power button being pushed or the fingerprint sensor being touched).

Last time the alarm kept ringing all the time while the phone stayed unresponsive (could only turn it off after everything got back to normal again).

I’m pretty sure this behaviour didn’t show from the beginning - it has probably started about two weeks ago.

Here’s another thread describing a similar behaviour: Fairphone 3 takes a long time to react after standby (up to 5 seconds until screen turns on)

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