Fairphone 3 beta program signup instructions - Signup closed! πŸ›‘

Update: 2022-02-01

Applications are currently closed! :stop_sign:

Thanks to everyone who applied in the last round. We’ll get in touch shortly!

The instructions below are for reference only. If you send an email, to the address below, it will be bounced. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Fairphone 3 owners!

We are ready to onboard some more beta testers. We aim to add another ten or so. The signup process remains the same as last time. See below for details.


  • The tester must daily drive the FP3(+).
  • The tester accepts the risk of bumping into issues.
    While we have been doing as much internal testing as we can to avoid major problems, releasing the software in the wild will likely dig up more bugs.
    So be ready for a factory reset if the need arises.

How to join

  1. Log into the forum.
    New to the forum? Click here to sign up.

  2. Find your user name on the top right corner, after clicking on your profile picture

  3. Send an email to fp3.beta@fairphone.com, including:

    1. forum username
    2. short motivation
    3. previous experience with testing and issue reporting
    4. your country and network operator
    5. the IMEI1 of you device

The evaluation

  1. We will keep the email address open until the end of the month (January 2022), then we will close the application window.
    Exception: if a lot of you apply, I might have to block the email address earlier than planned.
  2. We will then go through the list of candidates:
    • We will give priority to candidates who have previous testing experience
    • We want a geographically diverse pool of testers, so that we can cover as many operators as we can
    • All things being equal, we will go for a β€œfirst-come, first-serve” approach
  3. We will report back to everyone who has applied.

Next rounds

This is just the first of what I hope will be many rounds of beta signups. So if you don’t make it the first time around, don’t be sad :blush:



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