Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

Hello together,

Now the cards are on the table and for many a fairphone becomes more than a sparkling dream under the christmas tree. For me with luck I may take snapshots from the sylvester fireworks (PO 71xx) . However the moment of surprise shouldnot be too much , neither in positive nor in negative way. Because we have been widely informed about the inner secrets of what we wanted. And the secret was that a fair phone should not have any secrets.

News today is that we are still on schedule.
A few team members went to China to be there when final assembly starts and reaffirm that everything goes according to plan.

Meanwhile our designer @Beth_Russell is finishing the paper model that we can play with to fiddle with if our nerves are getting the best of us.


Hey @Douwe, thanks for the quick update that things are still going according to plan. It makes it easier to keep waiting patiently :smile:

Are there any news about the schedule for software publication?

Yes, I’m a curious guy :wink:



Here is the DHL transit time calculator: http://dct.dhl.com/input.jsp
Shipment of the first batch is planned for 21/12/2015, from the Netherlands, supposedly 1019 Amsterdam (?)
I think I need to change my shipment address :pensive:

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Not from Amsterdam, from Eindhoven, where their new distribution center is located: FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])

EDIT: What is really interesting now, is which shipment method is used by Fairphone? I cannot believe that they invested 60+€ just for Express shipment (according to @boumbh’s link and filled with shipment details from Eindhoven to Austria). Although in my account the shipment method is declared as “Shipping - DHLExpress”. Maybe @Douwe can shed some light on this issue?

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@Douwe did the final assembly start today as scheduled in the last mail?

Hey all,

We are working on an update. More news coming today!


Hi all,

We’ve successfully started final assembly of the Fairphone 2!

We’re working to get more details from our team members who are at our manufacturer, Hi-P’s, facility in China. Tomorrow, we should have a longer update with information how assembly is going and when there will be enough phones produced to make the first shipment to our distribution center in the Netherlands. We’ll email Fairphone 2 owners with these updates by email tomorrow.

So far, so good! :tada:


Fantastic news, thanks joe!


So the FP2 is finally on it’s way! Great to hear that good news!

Thank you for the update. I am tremendously enjoying being part of this process. Success!


hello , i don’t speak english . a personne can explain me about the update please ?

Which languages do you speak? Also, here are some topics for discussion in other languages where you can ask, for example: Castellano, Français, Italiano.

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I speak french , thank you for the answer :wink:

Tu peux poser ta question sur les mises à jour dans le forum français. Je suis sûr que quelqu’un va aider.
Mon français n’est pas assez bon :frowning:


En fait, la nouvelle était la confirmation que la production (l’assemblage final pour être précis) des premiers FP2 a décollée hier - comme prévu. Ils sont donc dans leur planning annoncé dans le dernier blog et le dernier mail :slight_smile:

That you don’t have to guess anymore:


Today’s production/delivery update is sent to owners by email and now on the blog.

As written in the post, we’re working to give you as much info as we can with three updates per week in this blog post. Enjoy!


Thank u very much!!!