Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

I can’t seem to find my order email / invoice email, so unfortunately don’t know my delivery number…
But depending on the delivery date (around christmas or in january), I might have to change my shipping adress. Is there any possibility for me to find out my delivery number?
Thanks in advance

Thanks Joe, it’s really appreciated.

My order number is 70-something - but I still can’t wait to get folding my paper version this evening!!

I have a question about this image:

I’m guessing the forklift represents the warehouse in Eindhoven, Netherlands right? Eindhoven is only 17m above sea-level so I’m wondering why the delivery truck is on lower terrain than the forklift? :confused: :wink:


Most phones will probably travel through Randstad, which is mostly below sea-level. At least that’s the case for the Fairphones going to all the busy Fairphone employees :wink:


Heh, I don’t even get back to the UK until the first week of February - hopefully my phone will be there before me…

It’s to represent the ‘last hill’ or hurdle that the phone must take before it reaches his owner. :grin:

Small update on the blog that the first (black matte) back covers are packed and ready to be shipped soon: https://www.fairphone.com/2015/12/10/fairphone-2-production-delivery-countdown/


Eek!! I’m so excited I’m starting to hallucinate :wink:

I love the image

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Will the back cover type (color) have an impact to the delivery order?

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And what about the source code of the Fairphone OS?


Update for today is in! Still in the same blog post… ( https://www.fairphone.com/2015/12/10/fairphone-2-production-delivery-countdown/ )


Phones are arriving:


Some teasers to remember part of the journey of Fairphone 2 are also live.

See Facebook, Twitter & Diaspora


Some extra detail :smile:


Amazing - thanks for the updates. Exciting!!

May be it’s a good sign that the ETA is round an hour earlier than expected :wink:

OMG that’s a lot of airplanes flying above Europe. Well, at least one of them carries a more eco-friendly cargo.

Carrying some great new phones for 200 people supporting fast enough to have number 1 to 200!


I know I’ve been slightly critical of the lack of updates in the last month, so it’s only right that I celebrate the number of super updates youve given us in the last week or so.

Even going as far as to share the flight tracking link is a really nice touch that makes me feel a lot closer to my new phone and also closer to Fairphone the organisation and community.

Great work guys. Thanks. Keep it up :slight_smile:

I had to share it on Instagram! http://instagram.com/p/_SAVKnJYBa/


The airplane is crossing the Dollart (Groningen) into the Netherlands - the Fairphones 2 are in Dutch airspace! I’m getting hyped by now! (I’m starting to sound like a teenager instead of the old fart I am).

24 minutes later: it’s flying north, away from Schiphol towards Alkmaar - queuing up for permission to land I guess.

… it’s approaching the runway now - flying over the artist’s enclave at Ruigoord!

… the forest of Spaarnwoude

… into the Haarlemmermeer

… landing

…and touchdown! The first 200 Fairphone 2’s have arrived!

14th of December, 19:56 local time.



And my phone is at the gate, ready for unloading.


Will there be updates on the next delivery package? Espacialy on the amount of phones and the Date of shipping!

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