Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

so i think not :frowning: ?!?

I think they referred to the delivery blog in the Webinar. There should be updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So later today there might be!

And the update is up, with the page now here. Short version: 200 phones leave China tomorrow, Next batch (no date) will be another 1200.

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Would be nice to know how many are produced in a single day, so people can make rough calculations for themselves how many days it will take before their own phone is produced.

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“Will there be live video coverage of the packages being unloaded from the plane?” :smiley:


Yes, it seems so:


Hi all,

Did anyone else receive an update email today? In the email Fairphone says that phones will not be delivered according to order number but availability of the respective back cover colour with black matte being the first phone being shipped.

I would like to ask Fairphone to please send us a schedule for the other colours.

I am really annoyed and disappointed now. I have the order number 111 and really looked forward to receiving the phone next week. But it seems I have to wait longer although I ordered the phone the minute it was possible to do so just because I chose a different colour (blue matte).

I usually don’t write forum posts, especially not rants, but I am so disappointed now!!!
I would have wanted to know that the colour changes the order in which the phones are shipped



Change the order of delivery for cover availability reasons? Poor planning, and BIG TIME unFAIR.
I‘m no forum poster either, but this sux…

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I have a transparent back cover ordered, and order number 60-something - does that mean I will not get my phone before Christmas?

If so, that’s disappointing. Some prior warning would have been appreciated - I would have changed my order. Getting my phone earlier is more important to me than the cover colour.

@Douwe can you confirm that there will be no phones with transparent covers delivered before Christmas?

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I have delivery number 141 and I choose a transparent blue cover. So I guess I can’t give my Fairphone 1 as a Christmas present. That’s a disappointment But demanding my Fairphone 2 to be send before Christmas will mean some persons will have to work probably overtime. And that’s not fair.
So I patiently wait some days longer I receive a FAIRphone to everybody involved.


Hey, i understand your frustration. But please keep in mind: You pre-ordered a product, it was always possible that there are some delays. It does not make sense for them to build a stock of phones and keep them in storage just to deliver according to order number.


I understand that there are delays to be expected, but it is just so extremely disappointing and frustrating that this one point they always stressed - that the phones are shipped on a first come first served basis - is not kept. And just because of a trivial thing like the colour of the backcover. Had I know, I would have taken the black cover since essentially I do not care about the colour.
Well, apparently some of us will just need to wait even longer… :disappointed:

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Exactly - I ordered an idealistic product based on fairness. We’ve never been asked to get the product on schedule with cover xyz or else wait…
Hence, this is unfair…

I would be as frustrated as you are if I had pre-ordered one. I guess they made the decision to ship based on backcover color much too late in the process.

One opportunity they could have taken (and maybe they still can?) would have been to inform people who ordered a non-black-matte cover that this will impact the delivery and give them the option to either stay with the color they ordered or change to black-matte to get their device earlier. Imho, this would have been more fair than the way how they “managed” the sitation now.


What I am most frustrated about is that they refer to the fact that the covers will arrive in different batch… But hey, the phones was planned to be produced weeks ago and was delayed couse of technical problems… So I do not get why the covers now are not delivered, couse they should have been waiting for the phones to arrive, not the contrary, right? This was not transparent at all, yet, I ordered the transparent cover…


@all: Don’t get me wrong now. You preordered a mobile phone SIX month ago and now you are whining about 2 weeks or something delay???


The first ones who ordered were the first ones who supported the company, were the first ones who gave them their money, and all that with the promise of first come first served.
And now we don’t even receive proper information when we can expect to receive our phones due to a delay Fairphone did not feel necessary to communicate in the blog posts. It could be just a few days but it could also be a month for all we know.
This frustration is not really about the delay itself, but about losing trust in the company, trust we also placed in the company by giving them our money very early in the process



Don’t get me wrong now. You preordered a mobile phone SIX month ago and now you are whining about 2 weeks or something delay???

The email even talks about “a few days” of delay for different colors (at least in :de: it does), so.





I would like to know how many people ordered which colour. I ordered transparent and am maybe hoping mine might come earlier than the end of January if not so many want it.
@Douwe : could you post the numbers please?

I agree, this is not how you reward your very early supporters. It is a shame that all this now fails because of the unavailability of these simple back covers, which could have been ready weeks ago. I assume that all of us with an order number below 200 were excited that they would be able to hold their new phone in their hands in a few days before christmas, and now it looks like it will probably not even make it even this year, depending on their color choice. This is VERY disappointing and frustrating.