⭐ European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2018 (#EFCT18)

For EFCT19 go here.

:globe_with_meridians: frphn.co/efct18


For the third year in a row the Fairphone Community from around Europe gathers in Amsterdam from 13th August to 19th August to spend a great week together. We will do sightseeing, take a bike to the beach and meet the Fairphone team at the Fairphone office. We will also have workshops there where we share our knowledge with each other.

See what happened at efct16 or efct17.

The Schedule

Please check the schedule also during the week of efct18 as details might change on a short notice.

The Photo Contest

How to take part

You can join us at the meeting points without prior notice. In case something unforeseen happens, it is advised to contact us in advance here on the forum (simply reply to this post).

Admission is always free and you only have to pay any fees for sights and what you eat outside the Fairphone office.

If you cannot be with us in Amsterdam, check out the Fabulous #EFCT18 Photo Contest 📷 (Everyone can take part!) :smiley:

Getting around

The ferry to the “mainland” is free of charge. The train station Amsterdam Centraal is just opposite of the hostel and the Fairphone office is a 30 minute walk from the hostel. A tram goes there from Amsterdam Centraal, but you probably won’t be much faster by tram than by foot.

The Accomodation

We booked a 10-bed-dorm at the Clink hostel Noord, which is just opposite of the central train station on the other side of the river (the ferry is free!). Two of us got a twin room at Bastion Hotel Noord.

Who stays where


These people have already laid down 100€, declaring their intentions to stay in a dorm during efct18 :

  • paulakreuzer
  • Stefan
  • AlbertJP
  • Amber
  • Friek
  • z3ntu
  • Stanzi
  • Louisa_Radice
  • merci
  • Maria2

Twin room

  • Chris_R
  • spaniel

Somewhere else

  • laurent_guerguy
  • Lidwien
  • aral-matrix
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Can we come to a conclusion until this Sunday evening? :smiley:

PS.: I’ve removed the weeks where one or several people had voted with “NO”.

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I was just about to put a “No” in week 35 because a friend of mine has recently announced that he will get married on the 29th next year, but you already removed that week :slight_smile: . I’m fine with any of the weeks that remain.

(by the way, why does this post earn me a first emoji badge? it surprises me that I haven’t used emoji before on the forum)


The date is set! See above. :smiley:


Free Walking Tours in Amsterdam
Haarlem Greeters

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Not Haarlem again! :sweat_smile: We went there for #efct16… We should go to Utrecht and have @AlbertJP show us his town. :smiley:


Maybe we could go sailing on the Ijsselmeer.

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Should we create an eMail list for the EFCT as for the Angels Groups? So: efct18@fairphone.community

We could set it up so mails to it will be redirected to all Participants and we could then send important updates to everybody easily - e.g. if a meeting-point or -time spontaneously changes.


or an IRC/Matrix/Signal group? :wink:

Oh no, please don’t start another discussion about messengers! :wink: It will come up at the #efct18 just like at the others before anyway.
Everybody knows how to use eMail and everybody who wants to can easily encrypt them.


We have news about the accommodations during #efct18. See above.

I’m not a very active community member (anymore) so sorry for barging in, but I might have a nice idea for an activity. At the campus of the Technical University Delft (~1 hour by train from Amsterdam), there is a ‘Green Village’; a piece of ‘lawless’ land where sustainable developments that are not allowed yet can be tested (self-driving cars, hyperloop, certain building methods, etc.). I’m not sure of their schedule during summer yet, but I’m pretty sure someone can give you a tour. Otherwise I can probably do it myself (I live on the terrain). The Fairphone density is also very high here since at least 2 of the 5 inhabitants own a Fairphone :sunglasses:. Besides that, Delft is also a very pretty city with way less tourists than Amsterdam :innocent:.


Sounds like a really good idea! :smiley: And the best part would be if you had time to join us and give us a tour! :slight_smile:


Do we have to wait for anyone else, or can we go ahead and book the 8-bed dorm?

Don’t wait for me certainly… I’m waiting to see if Bruce is going to come along with me this year. But we’ve got a trip to South Africa (again) in a week’s time, so not having a conversation yet about this


There will be time on the plane to talk about it. :wink:


Hope that my VW Bus is ready in August :wink:
Planning to join my 3rd EFCT this year!


We had a VW before :wink: See you in Amsterdam in August!

I like @Jori’s idea by the way, maybe we should just visit Delft (and leave Utrecht for the EFCT19 :cry: )


Hello everybody, I am also a very new member, I got my fairphone since more or less two weeks now… I really would like to take part in this event, even if i cannot stay for the whole week. I guess this won`t be a problem, especially if im gonna search for an accommodation on my own.

I am really glad that I will have the opportunity to get in personal contact with the community, here in spain where I am doing my european voluntary service its not that easy…

So count on me,
Greetings from the very south,


I noticed today that the “conference” from KDE (Akademy) surprisingly is in Vienna this year and (of course) between the 11th and 17th August … Well at least I’m in Vienna for two days :smiley: