#EFCT19: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2019 (25/8-31/8)

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After the success of #efct16, #efct17 and #efct18, we will again go to Amsterdam in summer in 2019! All Fairphoners and other people interested in Fairphone are welcome.

We are now planning to book a hostel room: Likely a 6- or 10-bed room at ClinkNoord. You can reserve a bed in the room by laying down a €100 deposit. Once we get to (nearly) enough people we will book the room, so please reply if you want a bed!
The following people have already reserved a bed:

Accommodation elsewhere:

In any other case, you can reply here if you’re interested and we will add you to the PM about the schedule & accommodation.

Basic idea of the schedule: we’ll likely go to the Fairphone office for some activities with the team there, visit Amsterdam and another city yet to be determined, take a bike tour (with a visit to the beach if the weather allows) and much more!

Time and place: August 25 or 26 to August 31, 2019, Amsterdam!

Last year at the Fairphone office


Is someone interested in getting soldering skills? If so, I could organize a little workshop.

Please sign in here


Definitely. :slight_smile:
Let’s start a wiki… …and here it is.


I’m interested in this Community Trip in Amsterdam. Please keep me informed.


Hi, I will invite you to the PM planning the EFCT because we haven’t actually taken much decisions yet.

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