#EFCT19: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2019 (25/8-31/8)

After the success of #efct16, #efct17 and #efct18, we will again go to Amsterdam in summer in 2019! All Fairphoners and other people interested in Fairphone are welcome.

Time and place: August 25 to August 31, 2019, Amsterdam!
The schedule can be found at: #EFCT19 Schedule

We have booked a 6-bed hostel room at ClinkNoord. The room is now full, but they still have some beds and rooms free at the moment, so you can still book at the same hostel if you like.
The following people have reserved a bed at ClinkNoord:

Accommodation elsewhere:

In any other case, you can reply here if you’re interested and we will add you to the PM about the schedule & accommodation.

Basic idea of the schedule: a bike tour on Monday including swimming if weather allows, a visit to Leiden including bouldering on Tuesday, a day in Amsterdam on Wednesday, then two days at the Fairphone office, with a soldering workshop and some more activities.

Last year at the Fairphone office


Is someone interested in getting soldering skills? If so, I could organize a little workshop.

Please sign in here


Definitely. :slight_smile:
Let’s start a wiki… …and here it is.

I’m interested in this Community Trip in Amsterdam. Please keep me informed.

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Hi, I will invite you to the PM planning the EFCT because we haven’t actually taken much decisions yet.


Kind reminder, please let us know if you want to come as we don’t yet have enough confirmed participants to book a hostel room!


Our trains are booked (VIE-AMS)! Now there is no way back! :joy:


One more participant for a hostel bed and we can book a 6-bed room at ClinkNoord!


I definitely want to participate. I live in Leiden, so I can just take a train to Amsterdam every morning.

As for other cities to visit… why not Zoidberg Leiden? There’s the beautiful historical city center, cheap boat tours, and as I’m a tour guide at the botanical gardens, I can give a complimentary tour to interested Fairphoners (not as boring as it sounds). Saturdays and Wednesdays are market days, there’s also a small antiques market on Saturdays, everything’s near the train station, everyone here is happy and no one is ever sad.

Just my two cents!


@robbert.f I’d love to do that!
Just to be clear: Do you mean happy happy or coffeshop-happy? :joy:

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I think you are overestimating the amount of coffeshops in cities that aren’t Amsterdam :joy:


For such a small town, we actually have a disproportionally wide selection of coffeeshops here, all of which open at five. One is pretty much across from my house, and it always cracks me up to see the queue forming - an absolute rainbow coalition of stoner kids, manual labourers, well-off baby boomers, you name it. It takes all sorts, even when it comes to getting high.

I have handed in my MSc thesis and will soon write a draft programme.


Is there already a date planned for the workshop at Fairphone?

Are you not in the planning PM?

I have not had a final answer from Monica yet but I expect it to be on the 30th.

Would be nice if you could share the draft with at least the angels

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Hi all, I am out of the Alps now & online again, I will post the detailed schedule today/tomorrow.


Today we started the #EFCT19 with our traditional dinner at Semai restaurant, which was delicious as usual :slight_smile: