👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members) - Offers and questions

Salut Antoine !
Si ce n’est déjà fait, sache que tes compétences techniques et ta pédagogie seront hautement bienvenues sur la page du groupe facebook constituée par la communauté francophone des utilisateurs de FairPhone !
Alors, à bientôt ? :smile:


J’en suis membre ! Pas sûr d’avoir de révolutionnaires compétences techniques, mais ce sera avec plaisir !

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Hi! Just a quick message to let you know that 2 of the 3 FP1s we received from Fairphone in the Bilbao Angels group (@dieguich and me) are “continueing their life”.

The screen of one of them has given new life to an unused FP1 owned by Marion, a french woman I met during my work (she has created a new company in Bilbao that tries to avoid the use of plastic products www.sinplastico.com).

The other is now being usted by an FP2 owner (Guillermo, researcher of Conflict Free Technology) that has sent his FP2 to Amsterdam to solve some technical problems.

Last wednesday @dieguich and me took part, together with Guillermo, in a talk, to spread the world about Fairphone. Diego also talked in the regional radio. As a consequence, more fairphoners living near Bilbao have put in contact with us.

Movement goes on!!


This is great news. Thank you for sharing it with us! I love that @dieguich went to the :radio:!!! :sunglasses: :muscle: :grin:



I’m located in Amsterdam area, studying in Amersfoort.
Speaking English, Dutch, some Spanish and German.
Expertise: security / pentesting, networking, Linux CLI, Python programming, and of course software. Hardware not so much.

At this time of writing I got some FP2 spare parts lying around (screen, v1 camera modules, battery at 85% power, cases) but I’m going to bring them to Fairphone HQ for recycling/resale somewhere in the '18 summer.

Feel free to send me a PM if you need help :slight_smile:


Great, I will add you to the Fairphone Angels immediately! :smiley:

Maybe you can stop by when all the other Fairphoners from around Europe are at Amsterdam:


I’m interested in this program too.
I live in Veneto, Italy. I’m still a student so I travel between my home town and my university town, Padova.
Who can I PM for more detail ?


Woohoo, the first Angel in :it: Italy! :smiley: I will add you to the Fairphone Angels right now and we can then discuss the details. :slight_smile:


We now have three new Angels on the #communitymap : Amsterdam / @JeroenH , Liège / @oli.sax (being the first in :belgium: Belgium!) and Paris / @jaymanu ! :tada:

PS.: Someone should add up the number of people we potentially reach in all of Europe by now. :nerd_face:


We have reached :tada: 25 heavens :tada: with our latest intake Berlin (@schmulschubiak)! :angel:


Hi everybody,

I’ve been thinking about maybe becoming an angel for the Antwerp area :slight_smile: I saw on the map there’s nobody (yet) and I’m very happy about the phone, the community support and the overall work of fairphone so why not advocate it a bit more!

I haven’t done any repairs myself but I would be happy to assist if anybody needs the help :p. Don’t know what the other requirements are but I guess having someone there to help can always be a plus?

Anyway, if anyone can inform me what or how the process to become an :angel: that would be great!



Count me in for the Antwerp Heaven :slight_smile:


A new Fairphone powerhouse rising :sunglasses:

Give organizing a meetup a thought, too. It would be so nice if the intimidating abundance of the German flag in the Community Agenda would be diluted a bit!

On a second thought, hm, the colours aren’t that diff-:thinking:


The requirement is that you feel up to the task of meeting up with others. Many people are simply afraid of breaking something and your confidence helps a lot in such situations. :slight_smile:

I will add you to the Fairphone Angels and contact you in our hidden forum section. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

I would like to become an angel for Hannover (Germany). I saw an empty spot there on the map and I’d like to fill it. :wink:

I have the FP2 and I like the phone very much, the community support and the work of fairphone. I am somekind of an Android power user and I am a beta user of Android 7 (FP OS 18.08.1).

I can demonstrate the FP2 in person and I can solve software problems or anything else that can be solved locally. Until now I haven’t done any repairs of my FP2, but I know how to repair other mobiles and laptops* and I’d be happy to assist if anybody needs help.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

*) Okay, that depends very much on the device. How much are the individual parts glued together and can it be opened easily and without breaking anything etc. But that’s not a problem of the FP. :wink:


Hi, @datenteiler, great! :smiley: I’ll add you to the Fairphone Angels and contact you via PM. :slight_smile:


Hello World,
I would like to join the Angels in Erfurt, Germany !
I have a Fairphone 2 since two years and allready change all the modules by myself.
I like to help people and to solve problems, when i can.

Also I would like to try to share the “spirit” of Fairphone in my area.

Let me know and thanks !

Enjoy !


Cool, I’ll add you to the Fairphone Angels. :slight_smile:

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Can I join “Fairphone Angels” ?
I live near Grenoble, where I organize a monthly Install Party event.
I want to spread the word for Fairphoners that it is also a place to share experiences!


Of course! :smile: Adding you to the Fairphone Angels. You’ll soon receive a PM with further instructions. :slight_smile: