End of software support for FP2 is March 2023

Since the relevant thread is closed, and in case you’ve missed it:


I really was surprised to read all the news regarding the Eos of the FP2 (after 7 years!), today. With the officially supported option to continue using the phone with LineageOS, other companies should take this as example how to handle device support.


The post is here, it wasn’t a topic and is not closed.

Which topic are you referring to that is closed?

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No, I meant this one:


I added “software” to the title as its not support end overall, however end of software updates from Fairphone.


Ah! Yes the topic could have been reopened but here we are :slight_smile:

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Yes, so sad to hear there are no security updates any more.
But also understandable for such a small company.
And there is still LineageOS and eOS as an option maybe some time in the future.


Today the Fairphone updater on my FP2 informed me that the software support for my phone is about to end:

In the article they mention that one option to continue with would be alternative OSes. Bad luck for me who just recently switched from LOS to FPOS for using some specific feature of the MS Authenticator for my job (haha, my company’s security concerns soon will lead to me not being able to keep my phone up to date).
Anyway, compared to most other Android phone manufacturers I think it’s a great accomplishment to support a device for so long and with so many Android versions. So thanks Fairphone for this long journey with this phone!
Edit: This thread must have been hidden quite well, it’s not that I didn’t look for it before creating a new one. Anyway…


Not really, but don’t worry, I haven’t wrapped my head around this forum’s non-Euclidean geometry yet myself. Unlike older, linear and deterministic forum engines, threads here seem to exist in some virtual complex n-space and their existence or non-existence is described by a probability density function I haven’t yet cracked… :crazy_face:

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Murena plans to support /e/OS for the FP2 for at least one more year:


Yes, that what I do (and check “unseen” for those threads I’m following but strangely enough don’t always appear in “latest”. Go figure.).
Anyway, what I was talking (joking) about above is finding some old thread about something, in this case (to get back on topic) “FP2 end of support”. I only found it as a suggestion when I started typing my post. Strangely enough the top bar search engine didn’t find it. Oh well.

And the use may be even much longer with Divest OS: Everything about Divest OS on the Fairphones :slight_smile:

Life extension is still the option with custom ROM. Let’s gather the possibilities:

  • /e/ for one more year

  • DivestOS for ? And not really tested (no verified boot),

  • LOS maintained by @chrmhoffmann is still updated monthly, but I don’t know for how long time. Does this anybody know?

  • Others?
    Please continue or correct the list, so most longtime users of FP2 can select the best option. I guess, that some of us have to change the ROM.

Best Peace
(-> actually more than before)

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Possibilities are imho already listed here:


I have had my FP2 for 6 and a half years and it’s still working well apart from the microphone. I undestand that a small company can’t keep up with many versions, but I don’t want to stop using a device that’s still working.
I would like to know if alternative systems are reliable and allow to use Whatsap and banking applications. I am a bit scared of installing a system and finding that my phone doesn’t work as it used to.


Just a note on the mic issue.

It may be possible to get that fixed, especially if you have a tech loving friend with nimble fingers etc.

There are other topics/posts

WhatsApp definetly when you “at least” have microG integrated (like e/OS has). Banking Apps is another story and there is no yes or no answer as there are so many banking apps out there. I think the likelyhood they work might be a bit bigger when you install at least a small Google Apps Pack along with Lineage OS, however still no guarentee overall ,as the App might consider a custom ROM to be Root and refuse to allow the app to run. So if you want to know, you need to ask for a specific banking app and still that might change every day.
I used Lineage with Gapps many years on my FP2 and was very happy with it, as well many use e/OS with their FP2, so yes they are reliable overall.

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