When will FP2 support end?

Hi there, I checked for a similar topic but couldn’t find any before posting this.

I have a simple question for Fairphone: when will support for FP2 end? How long will there still be spare parts for it, especially battery / touchscreen module ?

I’ve been using a Fairphone 2 for almost 5 years now (shipped Feb. 95), and still happy with it. I’ve changed its battery once up to now. I recently got problems with the touchscreen, where a 7mm vertical stripe is now unresponsive on the right of the screen, making the phone hard to use for some apps that don’t get in landscape mode when phone is flipped by 90°, and thus considering buying a new one.

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When Fairphone announced that they had sold out their final stocks of FP2s in late March of 2019, they estimated that spare parts stocks would last another three years:

Some modules which had been upgraded are now only available in the original versions though (camera module, top module).


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