Support for FP2 owners who would like to continue using their phones

A few weeks ago, Fairphone published the latest software update of FPOS

This will be the last update to be offered for the FP2. While we all appreciate enormously the 7 year-long support for the FP2, this means that, in a few weeks’ time, many FP2s still in service and using FPOS and FP Open, will gradually become more exposed to security risks, and current bugs won’t get fixed. As Urs has said, a bittersweet moment.

However, these devices can still be used with what I consider reasonable security, if their owners move to alternative ROMs.

For many users, this feels a bit challenging. While the info is out there, it’s not always easy to follow if you’re unused to such things, and there will be cases where users lack the confidence to try. Also some units are still daily drivers, and in many peoples’ minds, the perceived risk is likely to outweigh the security risks involved in continued use of FPOS. It’s quite possible however that some people might want to take the step, with a little help.

I’m willing to offer some advice, and maybe practical help in some cases, within certain limits which are either forced upon us by circumstances or designed to keep things as simple as possible.

  • No back-up and restore of the previous configuration would be offered, though I can point to solutions to archive and transfer data. Google back-ups would not be applicable for restoration with the new ROM.
  • I can suggest solutions for the new setup which would protect important data and avoid the need for traditional back-ups through syncing or regular data transer.
  • Two alternative ROMs (like FPOS, these are editions of Android) would be covered: LineageOS and /e/OS (Murena) along with compatible recovery software.
  • Advice and guidance would be offered for setting up and using ADB on PCs running Windows.

Any people interested are welcome to contact me by private message. If you’re new to the forum and can’t do that, just leave a short reply below and I’ll initiate a PM with you.


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