End of software support for FP2 is March 2023

Thanks @yvmuell and @anon9989719 for your comments about the apps and the microphone. I’ll try and remove the mike one day. I’ve got used to using earphones even though it prevents me from picking up quickly.

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If you’re a bit tech savvy you might copy (backup) all your internal data to a different device (computer/notebook/…) and boot TWRP (#twrpwoflashing ) and do a full backup there. Then you could install an alternative system, try everything out and still go back using your backups.


WhatsApp actually works without MicroG or any other type of Google services/framework: https://www.xda-developers.com/huawei-app-alternatives/

I think the idea is that WhatsApp wouldn’t work on Huawei phones if they required Google services/framework.

When looking at the options Fairphone provides there’s the option to send the FP2 to them for recycling and receive a 50€ voucher. While this is a nice way to say thank you to their customers (before that my FP2 would have been worth 12€ to them, which was always surprisingly much compared to other, even younger phones) I see two issues with the concept:

  1. This is limited until end of March. Fair enough, they are a business in the end, but of course that doesn’t reward those customers that are really trying to live the spirit of squeezing out as much lifetime of their phones as possible.
  2. The second point is independent from being fair or whatever: People need to send in their phone, wait for 1-2 weeks and finally will receive their voucher which they can apply to the order of their new Fairphone. Fairphone or not: Aren’t most of us addicted or at least dependent on our phones so much, that even one week without it wouldn’t work easily? Banking, tickets for public transport, authenticator apps for work and so on. For a transition most people would certainly find it convenient to have both, the old and the new device for a day or two at the same time.

So I question this concept: What should I do with a 50€ voucher /after/ I have bought a new phone? Hopefully not spend it on spare parts…
Did I miss anything, is there a concept of getting back the voucher value /after/ buying the new phone?


Sounds promising. As I’m no technical expert, I have some questions:

  1. In which ways /e/ is different from Android? To be more specific, would Apps like e.g. Deutsche Bahn work on that system as well?
  2. If I find someone who can install /e/ to my FP2, will I be able to use it in a secure mode (online of course)? …for roundabout 1 year as the post on Mastodon claims?
    Thanks a lot!

You may be interested by

/e/ is just another edition of Android, like FPOS. However it’s significantly de-Googlized and doesn’t come with Chrome and all the Google-Somethings you get with the stock OS. A refreshing change, I’d say. You can still use your Gmail messaging, and even access web-based Google services if you wish.

I’d say, yes. Some purists dispute this, but I think the best anti-malware out there is simply users’ caution and common sense.


Good to know again. As FP Angels which are nearest to me didn’t reply to my mail so far (sent last Tuesday), plus my FP2 get’s more and more moody every day, I guess I have to get a FP4.

BUT /e/ sounds still attractive! Is there an alternative way to contact Fairphone Angels or would I just have to give them more time (vacation, voluntary…)?

Not really, as you say they are volunteers who use what time they feel able to deal with.

Have you tried a factory reset on your FP2


What exactly would you be expecting from the FP angel you’ve contacted? Maybe someone else on the forum here might help?

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Not now. As it took much time & nerves the last times, I must have suppressed that :wink: But I might give it a try for the moody things.

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I’d like someone to take my FP2 and switch the system from Android to /e/ (without knowing exactly what that looks like) in order to have it keep working in a secure mode.
I also thought about asking in a neighbourhood network if it doesn’t necessarily have to do with FP especially. Do you know details about specific abilities concerning FPs?

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You might try to contact @OldRoutard

You might also ask people in the neighbourhood network who have experience with using “fastboot” or “adb” (“flashing of smartphones”) or have affinity for IT (and in case they still need help they may ask here in the forum… :wink: ).


Sorry, I’ve been away for a few days.
Yes @doenhi by all means we can see what can be done. I suggest we use a private message to continue the discussion as each case is going to be different. I’ll send you one and you can pick up if you wish.

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