Communicating with the users

That certainly looks like the consequence of an OS upgrade. A new version has just come out so that might help, though neither of your bugs is mentioned. More details:

For the reboots, as you know, may be linked to base station equipment or configuration.

To get back to the subject of communicating with users (oops sorry for the digression, though the above contains an example of good communication), I notice a prominently pinned topic in the forum providing an update on FP3 fingerprint sensors. Already mentioned by AnotherElk, but a long way above. The sort of communication we’re looking for.


I’m a beta tester so I’ve had this update for weeks now. It didn’t fix the camera issue at all unfortunately.

Really…love the brand but this is getting on my nerves more and more.

I got in contact with someone at Fairphone who was going to look in to this…so far no news.

I mean great…you are spending cash on tv commercials…but how about just fixing the product 1st.


I had very frequent GhostTouches as well and sent the device in for repair.
The screen has been replaced but no further information was given to me.

On the return shipping UPS had difficulties finding my adress and I was not able to update it online. UPS did also not react on a Mail. So they sent it back to the French repair center.

And that is where the story becomes really disappointing. I wrote during two weeks several E-Mails to the Fairphone support but became no Feedback at all. one week ago I decided to contact them by Phone except that the friendly lady ensured that they will take care now. Nothing happend. :grimacing:

So I am now 4 weeks without the quite expensive Phone and am still not able to test their fix.
The good thing: I use a 6 years old Samsung Galaxy S7 as a replacement and except the small storage It’s not too bad

  • No Ghost inputs
  • Acceptable Battery life
  • Good and quick camera
  • no trouble connecting via bluetooth
  • Good sound quality during phone calls

If the FP4 finds its way back to me I assume I’ll sell it even if the Idea of an sustainable product was very appealing to me :weary:


@O.o, I experience random shutdowns and the brightness issue too. I also have had once or twice the camera freeze, if I recall correctly.

I’m sad too. When I bought this phone I found it pretty great. Then it slowly starts creeping into my mind that Fairphone just doesn’t care about their device. They care a lot about the factory workers and the environment, sure, but the devices themselves strike me as overpriced beta products.

I’ve never used a FP3, but I have an FP4 and if my fingerprint reader in practice stopped working I’d be pretty upset. Then again, this phone constantly annoys me with day 1 bugs that almost 2 years later hasn’t been fixed or even acknowledged officially in some cases.

Back to the FP3, I think they at the very least could have included a message about the fingerprint reader in the update notification :man_shrugging:


They did although it was bit of an afterthought.

Maybe a) you’d like to note them here and b) Have you contacted Fairphone personally.

As this topic is about the Fingerprint sensor so it is off topic to go into details of your other disappointments, so maybe contact them and check for topics that relate to your issues and pump them up a bit.

It has already been posted ad infinitum already.

Why? Several others have already done it, and Fairphone employees have even responded in some of the threads with the issues, specifically the bootloader bug where 2 employees have responded. Yet the CM seems completely oblivious about the issue.

Yeah it’s off topic alright, but I was pointing out a systematic issue with Fairphone. There is zero communication before they do something. I get the feeling that updates come out of the blue every single time, sometimes breaking things in the process.

Yes luckily not something I am likely to come across, but isn’t that an FP4 issue not an FP3 ?

Got that, which is why such comments have been moved here :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s off topic alright, but I was pointing out a systematic issue with Fairphone. There is zero communication before they do something. I get the feeling that updates come out of the blue every single time, sometimes breaking things in the process.


In fact, the beta testers are lucky since they communicate bugs and get a fast answer :speak_no_evil:

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We can communicate bugs on their bug tracker, yes. But IMO the communication over there is pretty lacking as well.


Software needs a bug tracker for A13 on FP3+.
A forum is not a bug tracker.
Am I missing something?


This has been discussed many times, so I moved your post to the latest. Please read above.

Edit and in short: there is no public bug tracker.


There is no public bug tracker and I don’t think that Fairphone will ever provide one again.


Youch. Well this sucks majorly. I’ve been a fairphoner for years and was very active in the beta testing for FP2, where there was a very useful bug tracker (it was rough around the edges but…) and so this is a real blow and really hurts my opinion of the company.


We can work toward making it one, though, if Fairphone won’t fix the problem properly.

Which tracker do you use? I realize that it’s unavailable to the unauthorized, but I’m interested.

They use GitLab and from what I can tell they also have another GitLab for the developers that I don’t have access to

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So not

I opened a support ticket two days ago, which was initially refused due to FP5/A13 overload, insisted, eventually got through and received an automated reply about a delay of 8 days or so. Nothing unusual.
Except that today, long before any answer to my ticket, I got a Customer Satisfaction survey email: “How satisfied are you with your recent experience…?”! :rofl:

Do they think I am psychic, or was the automated reply all I was expected to receive?..
Nice storybook case of “getting your priorities mixed up”… :roll_eyes: