Ghost inputs on FP4

has anyone had this issue without an SD card inserted? because I just removed mine and it seems to be fixed :person_shrugging:

they can do. you just have to push them. was possible with me two times (because also the first replacement had ghost touches).

yes I have. SD card is no prerequisite for ghost touches.

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i am going to raise a ticket again as it is not resolved . i still get the ghost touches. also with the original screen. so it is not an software issue.


It seems in some cases…yes

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Have the same problem…
For me, everything I was reading here, is pointing in the direction of a loose contact. For me it helped a lot to switch off the tactile feedback of the touchscreen… (No vibration while typing)

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tactile feedback is among the first things I switch off on a new phone. still I had two FP4 with ghost touches.

Great, I have this issue now as well. It doesn’t seem to happen often (yet), but even once is annoying.


For what it’s worth, I also had the exact same ghost input in the middle of the screen many times a day for probably half a year but it had become more frequent lately after I had dropped the phone a few times.

Since it seemed plausible that the connector had become loose I only tightened the screen screws a little. I didn’t feel any loctite snap with any of them so either they had none or it had already snapped after a few drops. The screws weren’t extremely loose but enough that I could easily rotate most of them at least a full 360 without too much force.

Anyway, since I had never taken the phone apart besides the back cover to insert my SIM this felt like an ideal control test if it’s a hardware problem and moreover confirm it.

After that I’ve had zero issues with ghost input. Absolutely none and it’s been over a week. I used to curse at my FP4 many times per day before that.

It’s unlikely the connector has the same pressure characteristics on every phone as it hasn’t helped everyone so regardless everyone should first tighten the screws as a non-intrusive method that might be enough. I suspect that removing the screen completely might make it worse if you can’t add proper padding.

My two cents, hopefully it helps someone finding this thread!


Hi! Just want to add myself to the users who experience frequent ghost inputs while using the fp4.

I’ve tried with 5 layers of electrical tape and by tightening the screen screws. It worked for some weeks than it started again.

I use my fp4 for work and it is difficult for me to send it in for repairs and to put in the time to backup and reconfigure the phone. Two weeks without the phone and the extra hours work is not working for me. I would prefer a solution that users can do for themselves.

Seeing that this topic is the one with most replies and second with most views with tag “Fairphone 4” should tell the good folks at Fairphone that this is a serious issue.


as said before to other users, push them to send you a replacement phone. with that, still you’ll have to spend time transferring the data but you don’t have two weeks without phone and then have to reinstall everything.

I wonder…would a combined single claim made by all that have this problem make anything happen?

I am sort of in contact with someone (not customer service) that was looking in to it…and would update me.

But…so far silence…all in all I am a big fan of the idea.,…but I really really really hate my phone by now :rage:
It’s a piece of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And yes this took a long time to type because of the ghost

Hi Community,

I have the same Ghost input horror since about two weeks after using the device for two month at all.
I thought it might be a problem with the screen protector but not sure … I use the original one from FP and this gots loosen more and more even since two weeks now starting from the top.
I’ve had some drops of the phone, so I will try to tighten the screws as describted in some posts.
So lets have a look what happens …
Greatings are going out to all of you ghosts … : -)

Today I caught a nice ghost trip on video


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Honestly I doubt it. At least they’ve officially acknowledged this issue now, which is more than can be said for many other major bugs unfortunately.

I opened my fp4 again. The screws were still tight, but the five layers of insulation tape I had used last time were pressed very very flat. I removed it and replaced it with some leftover compritape from construction work, which comes pre-compressed and swells from 1 mm up to 4 mm. I wanted to make sure that the display connector could not loosen again. After closing and rebooting, everything worked fine. No ghost inputs. For two days now without problems.

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My mother experienced ghost inputs too on her Fairphone 4. I could completely remove them by placing a piece of foam (taken from one of those lintless cleaning swabs sold on amazon) onto the connector and then putting the screen back on. This has helped greatly, she went from having multiple ghost inputs per day to none ever since I did that. I encourage everybody who experiences ghost inputs to try to put some thin foam (not tape) onto that connector to press it against the MoBo nicely. This solves the issue in most cases.

Not sponsored in any way, but here’s the swabs I used:


I just think users should not try to come up with fixes… Fairphone must find the reason and the fix for it…

It’s not a cheap item and how sustainable is it when you are constantly thinking about WHY Didi not get a phone that lasts only 2 years…but at least it will work Normally

What do you think is the idea about a self repairable phone?

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