Communicating with the users

Why the fuss? It’s a simple question.

How satisfied are you with your recent experience?
Not very satisfied, it would seem. Done :wink: .


The problem is, it’s the wrong question.

And it’s the wrong question on so many different levels, if only because it shows how unorganized (being polite here) they are, which bodes ill for their customers (I’m part of, and thus somewhat concerned). Note I chose to laugh about it.

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I think the average on-line consumer is probably fed up with automated customer satisfaction surveys*.

If one must do it, at least it should be configured properly so that the question is only asked once the ticket has been closed or the service delivered. Asking the customer when you haven’t yet given any non-automated response at all is indeed ridiculous and won’t do your customer relations any good.

* - Maybe I should do a survey.

Got another survey today: Suddenly my phone made a loud sound and I had a Fairphone notification saying “We would like to have your opinion”. Clicking on that notification sent me to a survey website, but due to NoScript it didn’t work (blank page), and even after temporarily allowing it, the page remained blank.
Oh well. It’s not like I had anything to tell them, Fairphone support hasn’t answered yet.

You spoke about digital illiteracy in another thread, it goes both ways. Fairphone (well, the people managing this specific aspect) are clearly digitally illiterate. It shows in their lack of understanding of the process, and in this case in their bad choice of tools.
But they will insist, in hope of some “well done, we love you!” statement they could brag about later on (“104.6% of our users are simply ecstatic about our support!” :smiling_imp:)…

I wholeheartedly disagree, @KurtF. NoScript is an incredibly powerful tool with very restrictive defaults. That’s why it’s included in the Tor Browser by default. If you blocked scripts from operating, you should have expected the page to break. JS is part of the web as much as HTML is, and static HTML+CSS is simply not a feasible fallback when most pages use complex JS. We can’t develop in multiple languages simultaneously for every function just for your incredibly small group of people who disallow JS by default.

No matter how much you protest, that is and always shall be reality until the technologies used for the internet fundamentally change. But I doubt or I shall be around for that.

The issue for KurtF presumably wasn’t that the site broke due to NoScript.

The issue is that even when he enabled it, the survey didn’t work.

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Oh, gee. How embarrassing. Thanks. XD

As @loseyourself pertinently guessed… :roll_eyes: