Communicating with the users

Well - this would be perfect example for a bugtracker to let people know that Fairphone is aware of this issue and what possible solutions may be implemented in the future.


in a nutshell

What ever they come up with, its never enough, there is always “yes, but I want…”

Be it an explanation of the job description of the community moderator or a way to try to be more transparent (and yes there I also put some critics) or whatever. so somehow a game you can never win.

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dont worry, most people only want a smartphone which is working without serious flaws. and this is all I have ever asked for here.


This times a hundred. The camera bug is slowly breaking me at this point.

My only “I also want…” is that I want the ability to set the max battery to 80%. That is all.

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I discovered you can do that with the latest CalyxOS. That implies installing CalyxOS though, something you might not want to do.

I need Google Pay in my life, unfortunately. At least until I buy a Garmin watch

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I haven’t tried it, but I assume Google Pay doesn’t work in anything but the full blown Google spyware stack, and certainly not with MicroG, right?

I pay with an NFC implant, so I never need a cellphone (or a wallet). But infrequently I use iCard pay, which works pretty much exactly like Google pay, only it’s not Google, and the iCard client works fine in CalyxOS.

NFC implant? You mean an implant in your hand or something?

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Well - the NFC implant is just like a credit or debit card with NFC and may be less secure than using a smartphone as it can be read always while a smartphone needs at least an active display and above a certain limit also an unlocked device.

Edit: does iCard require a locked bootloader to provide payment via NFC?


It looks like this:

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Nah. The range is much too short and it only couples in certain positions. Unless I was unconscious or asleep, you couldn’t sneak up on me and ring up a sale on a POS terminal without me seeing you coming from a mile away.

Nope. I have a Nokia 4.2 with the bootloader unlocked (I haven’t flashed anything on it in the end, because the ROM looked fishy, but I left the bootloader unlocked just in case) and it’s perfectly happy to run iCard.

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I’ve seen videos where a guy managed to use mobile Sumup terminals to charge money without the people noticing it. In a crowded situation one may not always be aware of such things, even if they may not be very likely.

That’s just not happening with an implant. It took me weeks to learn how to hit the sweet spot on most terminals to couple the implant and the antenna reliably. There’s a very precise move to make, and a timing. There’s no way in hell anyone could pull off a drive-by contactless payment on my hand without me being physically incapacitated: they’d have to grab my hand, set my finger on the terminal just so at the right spot and in the right position, and do it in such a way that the implant couples 100% rightaway without losing contact mid-transaction.

You might pull it off with a full-size card in someone’s pocket. But with an implant, believe me, that’s just not a thing. They’re much too finicky to effect a sale without a very deliberate action.

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Oh right, I wasn’t aware sorry. I’ll use it next time I go on a tangent.

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to be honest: if it was like that, FP would have long told us that it’s not their direct fault and that they depend on others to solve tge issue and that they are a small company which clearly isn’t able to apply sufficient pressure to their suppliers yada yada. most customers would understand and probably would accept or even support FP’s “David vs. Goliath” position.

but what FP is communicating (edited)? nothing of the above. therefore currently arguments like “it’s not FPs fault” don’t have any value for me but are pure speculations (which admittedly sound logical though!)

You don’t know what they’re doing. That’s what you’re mad about.


The communication of this company leaves a lot to be desired, indeed.

Personally this dimming issue is something I genuinely despise with this phone, but it’s not even close to being as annoying as the sudden involuntary shutdowns or the camera driver freezing requiring a reboot.

The latter is something my friends laugh at me over, and the former can seriously screw me over in a multitude of ways depending on when it happens.

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I’m sure I should research this more before asking but I’ll ask anyway: are you sure it’s a bug that affects all Fairphone 4s and not a hardware problem in your particular phone? A quick search in this here forum turned up nothing and I sure haven’t had the beginning of a hint of a problem with my cameras, even though I take a lot of pictures all the time.

Here are the threads with the issues I’m experiencing. The camera issues started happening out of nowhere 2 months ago and have been happening since. I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

yes, you’re right, indeed I wanted to write about their bad communication and not say that they’re not working on the issues. however: as long as they don’t explain, the fault for the missing solution of the dim issue is fully on their side.