Software update: FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624

Usual link to the for those that need it :slightly_smiling_face:

Since the kernel page isn’t up-to-date yet here’s a current boot.img as well (also comes in a Magisk flavour)


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I’ve noticed Wi-Fi Calling is working well in the states. I had clear voice calling without interruptions. It does use cell data when I’m on the road. I can finally say its a good update. I don’t know if the screen still dims when gaming outside. I have to play Pokémon go later today. Those are the only issues i’ve had in the states.


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No Update here :frowning: … how long i have to wait?

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Just one problem noted so far, likely related to this OS update.
Yesterday (18/07, so one day after the update) the Proton Drive app on my phone, which I hadn’t used since the update, started to misbehave. After launching it, before I could log in, it crashed and restarted, repeatedly. After quitting the app, repeated error messages “Proton Drive keeps stopping”.

A reboot of the phone, emptying the app cache, didn’t help. I was able to fix the problem by reinstalling the app, following prompt advice from Proton support team.

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Same here, I guess the carrier is now testing the update? Or they are simply slow pressing the OK button. But I feel your pain, using a May update and it’s almost August.

Updated without issues.

So where is ‘here’ and what carrier are you using, it’s a roll out that selects specific area and networks over time.

I have Dual SIM in Use with Vaderphone and Telekom :slight_smile:

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Still nothing here (Germany, Telekom). I have given up any efforts to understand that.

I got it now :slight_smile: yes yes yes :smiley:

Feedback: very Good Update :slight_smile: , since after the Big Bang from Android 12! Thank You Fairphone :slight_smile:


Just arrived. The VoLTE switch is gone. Hope it still works.

Now you say it, I don’t see it either (T-Mobile CZ). I see the Wi-Fi calling option though. Weird. I also hope that it’s just invisible but otherwise works.

@peci1 if I remeber correctly knows how to check

this unsightly problem no longer exists!!! This is so awesome!

Now it looks nice and clean :slight_smile: , Aptx HD I could still test but later :smiley: , looking forward to it!

would be nice to see the trusted Kernel online to be able to update a rooted phone…

I can confirm that the VoLTE setting is gone from my Congstar SIM, but still there for my Proximus SIM :thinking:

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Got it! This change was especially welcome:

  • Bluetooth audio: Qualcomm aptX and aptX Adaptive codecs issues resolved.

Now my PF4 works with my Sennheiser/EPOS BT headphones :+1:


So it may depend on the carrier. Let’s hope it works correctly.