Can you feel it coming OTA tonight? - THIS UPDATE IS NOT OFFICIAL!

If this is going to be the general thread for the update maybe it should be renamed to something more clear? (Still figuring out what OTA stands for :sweat_smile:)


OTA = On the air
(I think)

I seem to remember someone (Paul?) posted a YouTube video of Phil Collins’ On the Air Tonight at one point to provide a hint.

I’ve done the update, thinking it was fully official, without any problem.

Of course, the downloading and the optimization of all the apps took some time and of course, the back of the phone was a bit hot during the process, but everything went smoothly and again without any issue.

I rooted, once again, the phone after the update: all good as well.

It seems the FP2 is running a bit faster with Android 6.0!

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Over The Air, like “no cable required” :slight_smile:


Hi all -

Due to an update released for the Fairphone Updater app through the Play Store yesterday afternoon, we accidentally served Android 6.0 (Fairphone OS 17.04.3) to users that installed this particular version of the Updater app. In the evening we stopped serving this Android 6.0 build, but in the meantime several users were able to download and install it on their device.

Fairphone OS 17.04.3 (Android 6.0) is the latest version we offer to our beta testers and is - if you have already installed it - safe to use. At the moment we are working on offering a newer Android 6.0 build to users that have installed Fairphone OS 17.04.3 already - this version will be close to the final release.

Hope this clears a few things up. We apologize for the confusion this might have caused!



Edit: We released Fairphone OS 17.04.8 for users running Android 6.0 already :slight_smile:


Quick question: I’ve upgraded yesterday with no problems and everything works buttery smooth. Besides the planned interim update, will I be migrated to the official build or am I now on a beta release channel or something similar? :slight_smile:


Yes, you will receive the official build :slight_smile:


Dear Fairphone users that already run Android 6.0 (Fairphone OS 17.04.3);

We released a new Android 6.0 update for you - it’s named Fairphone OS 17.04.8. It’s a partial update, so the download through the Fairphone Updater app should be done in a jiffy.

This latest build is close to the final release, and the main changes compared to Fairphone OS 17.04.3 is that we included the AOSP email app and the Sound Recorder app.


Nice to see the updater now shows a progress bar when copying the downloaded update files to the installation directory. Anyway, it’s indeed quickly downloaded and currently installing on my phone.

edit: it’s finished. I didn’t watch the process but given it took only a few minutes I think it didn’t have to optimise apps. My phone is still working and the AOSP e-mail app is back. I’m now using GMail for my IMAP accounts now, however, since the search function in the AOSP mail app did not work on one of my accounts.

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Can we get the full update file (I’ve rooted my phone) to be able to do the update?
Since I’ve rooted my phone, I can not use the partial update.



Hi, no 120 gb sd is running. the rest works “buttery smoth”

…doesn’t work unfortunately. Tested on two FP 2. No settings are available compared to the previous version and when trying to record something it tells me that it doesn’t have access to the SD card (which I gave it before). In addition on top of the app it writes “Press: 0-MIC 1-RX 2-TX+RX” and so on which reads a little bit like the settings. Maybe you can still have a look at this before the official release?

Thanks for your efforts!

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My sound recorder can record after I gave it the storage right manually.


I’ve recreated this too. I cleared the data and cache on the app and reloaded. Automatically asked for 2 permissions, but not for storage. Granted it manually and now working again.

I have added this to the bug tracker


Thanks for doing so. On top of this I’d really like to have the settings back since now I can only use the default setting which is pretty bad audio quality and very low volume. After I changed this from 3gpp to AAC in the lollipop version of the sound recorder it was much better.

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See, apples marketing armada would call it a “leak of their newest OS release” and create a bucketload of clicks on social media. :slight_smile:

Happy to see 6.0 is in a ripe stage.

I just got an email from Fairphone stating:

It’s finally here! Android 6.0 is now available on the Fairphone 2. If you haven’t done so already, grab your phone, go to the Updater app and start updating.

And my updater app is offering it, too!

I finally know how to spend today’s evening :slight_smile:


Android 6.0 is officially out now :wink: