Can you feel it coming OTA tonight? - THIS UPDATE IS NOT OFFICIAL!

Ehrm. My FP2 just updated to Fairphone OS 17.04.3, not 1.13.0 or something. Plus the OS does now behave strange (swipe left side to a phone/sms shortscut is missing).

I am confused. Everything normal or what just happened?

Android 6.0.1 … ?!


:warning: The release of this update via the updated updater app was a mistake! :exclamation:

The OS was not officially approved by Google yet. That doesn’t mean it’s not safe to update, but if you like to follow rules better wait. I’m sure @Douwe will elaborate soon. PS: Official update won’t come for at least another week!

#Info about the update:

This is a #wiki

  • 17.04.3 is the long awaited #marshmallow update!
  • The update shouldn’t erase any data if you come from stock FP OS, but it’s always good to have a recent #dic:backup
  • Marshmallow comes with a slightly different recovery mode. Check out #dic:recoverymode to see how to navigate and use it.
  • We haven’t written an Android 6 specific #updateguide (yet), but this one is still a good source to check for troubleshooting and general tips.
  • Check out #marshmallow topics in #fairphone2help to see what issues can arise during the update.
  • E.g. bootloops

#Before upgrading

  • Perform a #dic:backup
  • Re-enable the Google App
  • Undo all System and Boot modifications
  • Load the battery
  • Cool down the phone and be prepared to keep it cool even if CPU is at max capacity.
    ->This will all help you avoid ending up in the above linked bootloop.

#After upgrading:

  • Set the Assist app to None if you want to disable the Google App again: Go to Settings / Apps / :gear: / Default Apps / Assist & voice input / Assist app and set that to None. Even if it already says None, open the menu and explicitly select it!
  • As for system modifications you’ll need to undo them before any OS update.

I didnt. However, I got an update for the updater. After updating the updater (… inception… ), it got the notification for the new version.

Is it possible that the updater got set to beta when updating by technical mistake? I am relatively certain that I did never change the update settings. (Where do I even do this?)


I rather believe you are the first lucky one who updated to Android 6 regularly.
In the Staff Sub-Forum an exact update date was not shared either, so it took me a little by surprise, but now I’m quite sure that’s what’s going on.
@anon12454812 is probably writing the announcement as we speak.

I may be wrong, but I’m definitely excited! :slight_smile:

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I also got an update for the Updater and now it shows that Fairphone OS 17.04.03 is available :smiley: guess the accouncement is coming every minute now :smiley:


In this case: Yay, happy Easter with Android 6. Seems a little faster to me so far, lets see how long the battery lasts now.

First xD


I can confirm that. Just checked for a FP OS update but got none (still 1.13.0). Then did an Updater update in Google Play (though it wasn’t in the available updates list) and now get the update presented:

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One question:

why is 17.04.3 following 1.13.0?

But well, Win7, Win8, Win10 …

FP OS Updates now follow the FP OS naming conventions.


Probably they’re switching the version schema to be consistent with FP Open OS. That might help to reduce confusion about which versions correspond to each other.

Or the change might be a result of a unified code base of FP O S and FP Open OS.

Just guessing wildly though…


I think it’s the first guess. AFAIK the code base was always unified.

Looks like this is the case. I looked a bit into it and it seems that they only ship MM (FP2-gms-17.04.3) for users with FP2-gms76-1.13.0 installed. :wink:

I could also imagine that a big announcement might have triggered a sudden updating rush. Maybe it is actually smarter to let the news trickle through gradually.



I was really happy to see that I can install “Fairphone OS 17.04.3” over the Updater App. But directly after the reboot, a message appears, that it was not succesful.

Could the reaons be that I encrypt my Android? But then how do I re-instal the new version? Do I have to go back to factory default? I hope not…

Kind regareds

I got the OTA for 17.04.3 just now and I am trying to update now but it’s doing the “Starting Android… Optimizing app X of Y…” for the 5th time now. Seems to be in a loop. Is it save to pop the battery and hope it boots normally after cooling down a bit?

Yes. And if it doesn’t help please continue here:

Pff, thanks. It started to become very hot. I am letting it rest for a while, charge the battery and try again later.

Great to hear Android 6 is finally here.

And the time to asking: “How old is my last backup???” :sweat_smile:
With a fresh backup the upgrade process is much more relaxed.

Fairphone must have released it accidentally earlier as the updater app hasn’t been updated recently. The update mentioned is from 31st march.

The same for me. Updated the updater, then started the download and let it reboot. Then it stops in the system recovery telling me that the footer is wrong, signature verification failed and installation aborted. Luckily I can reboot and return to Android 5.1. I have even tried it a second time with exactly the same result. Any idea what is wrong there?