Lost all sms & email app after update

Just updateded. Lost all my sms conversations!! a lot of the settings are different. Hate it, is it in any way possible to regret the update and get the old verson back. Really need my messages!

In Android 6 the standard SMS app from Android 5.1 is removed. Have you tried installing an alternative one yet?

I just got what I assume is the marshmallow update and now my outlook is gone, my messenger programme is gone and my SD card is corrupted. Outlook is particularly problematic because work emails is the main purpose of this phone for me. Is there anyway to recoup these things without having to start from scratch?

You’ll have to download a new messenger app, as marshmallow comes without one. As for outlook - do you mean the account or the app? Can’t you just add the account again/download the app again?
PS: The data should all still be there and anyways also stored online by outlook.

I mean the outlook app it gone. the only email app left is gmail.

its a pain because only the IT people at work can set our phones to get work mail on phones and I right now I am out of the county where my office is for weeks.

Just download the app. Once you open it you may find everything is back as before as all data was saved on the phone.

great thank you will try that

Actually are you sure you had an outlook app installed before and didn’t just use the standard Android 5 email app?
With Android 6 Google forced out the standard, open-source texting and email apps to try and force you to use their products instead. You can however use e.g. QKSMS and K-9 Mail, which are the most frequently recommended apps for those purposes anyway.

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Hi again yes sorry that’s what it was. I see. will try K-9

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yes that’s the problem unfortunately K9 cant connect to my work emails. I will have to live without email. I guess it could be useful to alter people that the email app will be gone when they upgrade.

Are you sure? I am using Google’s messenger app since the Marshmallow upgrade. I don’t remember having installed it manually.

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Can’t you use a webmail meanwhile? It is often possible to use Outlook on-line with your browser.
Good luck!

should it not also be possible to reinstall the original apk? Like this one here maybe? https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/email/email-7-0-release/email-7-0-1533254-android-apk-download/#file
Even if it was not included in the Android 6 Bundle, it might just still run smoothly and all the settings and mails would probably still be there…

Also I’m quite sure that getting access to your work mails is just a matter of putting the right settings. If you contact your IT-Department and tell explain your situation, you might convince them to write you a quick manual on what settings to use :slight_smile:

A new update is available for those who updated to Android 6 and it now includes the original Android email app:


thank you all, now my phone is nearly back to normal, I would be totally lost without all your expertise on this forum


Great, happy to read that it’s solved thanks to the community (the best there is!).

For future reference I will mention a few things here that might be scattered around release notes, forum threads, troubleshooting wiki, and other announcements:

  • The old SMS app (also called Messaging) which has the green chat icon with a white smiley, was deprecated mid-2016. Since then, the Google Messenger app - with a blue/purple rounded icon - was shipped (and was default on new installations) but both were present until now.
  • With Android 6, the old SMS app is not provided anymore, but the SMS are still there and accessible by any SMS app. The Google Messenger app is installed on the phone by default but you can still install another app.
  • The version 17.04.3 is missing the AOSP e-mail app - the yellow envelope - but it is part of 17.04.8 once more (update again!). The accounts have to be re-registered though. The Gmail app should be able to handle Exchange accounts anyway.