Text app disappeared after updating to marshmallow

i successfully updated to marshmallow yesterday and all worked fine.
today my sms/text app has disappeared and i’m not receiving notifications when people send texts.
any simple to follow suggestions please, very simple.

The new default SMS/MMS app on the FP2 is called Android Messages.

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can’t find android messages …

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do i need to install that from google play please? is it the same as Messenger?

It’s an app which has a speech bubble in a blue circle as the icon. It’s called “Messenger” in the app list, and “Android Messages” in the Play Store.

excellent thanks very much indeed.

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With the latest update a couple of days ago I now noticed I can’t send nor receive text messages, the whole app has gone. How do I get it back?
I’m glad tho that with the latest update the clock stays on when opening the phone… Now if they could fix away that enlarged page with orange frame if you tap the screen twice. WTF is that for? Sometimes it happens when you have the phone against your ear!

I moved your post here. Please try to find similar topics next time before creating a new topic.

Here is a statement by an FP employee:

No idea what you mean by the following, but that’s probably another topic.

Maybe a screenshot could help.

I tried to look for a similar topic, but couldn’t find any. How do you take a screen shot?

Press: Vol-+Power

volume down and power button at the same time takes screen shot.

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