Exchange account. E-mail application shuts down


After upgrading to Andriod 6.0 the e-mail application crashes when I try to connect to my outlook account (work calender, mail etc.). Is there any known issues with this app?

I am sure I have registrered correctly as I am able to connect via the outlook-app. The outlook app however, asks for administrator privileges. Could this be the problem with the regular e-mail app?

best regards, Tobias

I guess you are talking about the standard Android (AOSP) email app (green symbol)? So you already updated to 17.4.8, otherwise you wouldn’t have that app.

Have you tried clearing the cache/data of the app?

Did you try the following “manual” way to connect your outlook account?

Yes - tried it does not work either way…

it works with outlook and Nine as well

Yes - still the same the app shuts down after a while trying to conect.

More of a yellow app with a @

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Oh oops of course. I was thinking of the texting app.

Is it possible to downgrade the mail/exchange app!?

Hi there,
same problem here, did you manage to solve the problem?

I didn’t manage to get the MS exchange app running.
My solution was to use the gmail-exchange account. This way I have access to my mail, contacts and agenda via the gmail app which works fine!

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No I did not - yes, that works for me to. Problem is that I do not want to use the gmail app…



After upgrading to Android 6 Email exhcnage sync worked. I have don a factory reset under Android 6 because some connectivity issue. And now on a clean OS I cannot configure exchange on the Email default app which crash when checking connection with server.

Thanks in advance for the support.

I have my new Fairphone 2 for a week now. Was running okay, untill the Android 6 update. After the upgrade my 3 e-mailaccounts (2 IMAP, 1 Exchange) worked fine.
But: Android 6 wanted to format my SD card, and I didn’t want to do this, without checking that I have everything I need. So I removed the SD card.

Now some of the programs i use kept crasching. Thought that might have something to do with the removed SD card. So yesterday i decided to do a factory reset, without the SD card.

And now: i can’t get my Work-email (Exchange server) to work in de Email application, only in the Gmail application. But the Gmail application won’t sync calendar and contacts. And all my contacts were in Exchange (that seemed more stable and more private than google).

When i try to set up an Exchange account in the Email application, it keeps crashing when verifying my input: “Sory Email has stopped working”.

I’ve copied all the settings from my fairphone 1, where the exchange account works fine, in Email.
Someone suggested setting the Security Type to none (instead of SSL/TLS or SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates) . But then i get a message: “Couldn’t finish; Can’t connect to server”

With security set to SSL/TLS, when i make a mistake in my username, i get “problem with account setup; your username or passowrd is incorrect”, which suggests to me that the server settings are correct.

But as soon as I correct that mistake, with the EXACT settings as on my FairPhone 1 (and as on this FairPhone2 with FairPhoneOS 17.05.2 BEFORE i did a Factory Reset…), it seems to start to check and connect to the server, but than the Email program Crashes, see screenshot.

I’ve managed to setup 2 IMAP accounts just fine. But i REALLY want this Exchange acccount to work.

What can i do to stop this Email app from crashing? Can i use another Email app (preferably NOT gmail)

I hope someone can help me.

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Sorry, I don’t know a solution.
For reference if you’re dealing with Exchange: Does Microsoft Outlook for Android work?

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Check if that helps:

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The Email app is deprecated, you really should use the Gmail app. It works fine with Exchange accounts.

If the calendar and contacts don’t sync, check the settings in Settings / Accounts / Exchange.

Microsoft released Outlook version 2.1.211 for Android five days ago. It should work fine with Exchange accounts.

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@AnotherElk: thanks for finding this thread, this indeed described my problem.
I have downloaded MS Outlook for Android: there i get the account to work. It took me a while to figure out how to get the contacts to sync (apparantly there a 2 places where you have to switch it on, but i have found that now).
So: thanks, now at least i have my contacts on my phone!

@ChuckMorris: i’d rather not use gmail. But gmail says it has sync problems with contacts and calendar. Every now and then it shows a notification, that says it can’t sync, and i need to tap the notification to allow gmail to sync calendar and contacts. Which I do, but than it still won’t sync. Under Settings / Accounts / Exchange, it says synchronisation error.

The only downside is, that i use SolCalendar, and now i have to figure out a way to make SolCalendar sync my exchange calendar as well… But that’s a way lower priority.

Still think it’s a shame the Email-app doesn’t work with exchange. Also a shame it is deprecated.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi All

Got the same problem wih my FP2 and new instaled Open-OS without any change like root ect…
This Problem must be solved, i had to change from 5.1 to 6.01 cos the new Camera driver ;(
And now i cant handle the canlendar becouse this problem…

Is there any other version of this E-Mail and Exchange app for the FP2???

Thanks for any help.

greetings ivi

Microsoft Outlook for Android

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Thank you AnotherElk for your suggestion.
But Microsoft Outlook for Android only works for the Email Exchange and not for the Calendar exchange. But i need the calendar exchange running on owa server! This works only with the orginal E-Mail and exchange app!

My workaround is now…i took the old version of E-Mail and exchange app from the Android 5.1 and installed it. It works :wink:
But, it isn’t stable…

Lg ivi

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I have the same problem with my new factory refurbished Fairphone 2. Email app crashes when I try to setup my exchange server. Has anyone fixed this?